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  1. Owen owns and runs Planarheaters.co.uk. They are the main UK distributor for the heaters. Give them a call and they'll give you all the info. The boat has a Beta 20 which was installed when new. It is located under the cockpit floor giving really easy access all around. The stern gland can be reached through a small access hole in the rear cabin cupboard. It is raw water cooled. I've just sold the boat and it's going to its new owners next week. They'll be using it on the Broads which I think it will be ideal for. Due to the low air draft and narrow beam it should go un
  2. My Viking is very unusual in that it has an inboard diesel engine. The fuel feed is T-pieced into the fuel hose between the existing pre-filter and the engine. The fuse hose is a genuine marine product supplied and fitted as part of the job and I had my BSS last year with no problems. My heater is installed in the engine bay and there is no issue drawing the combustion air from here. I have no petrol onboard. Rich
  3. I had Owen Cox and a colleague fit my Planar 2kw version in a Viking 26 Centre Cockpit. Really happy with it. Now I've seen how it's done I would install myself next time but if your not sure then worth using a pro. If you contact them they'll give you a price. Mine was circa £1500 for parts, labour and you now get a three year warranty if they fit for you. https://planarheaters.co.uk/ Rich
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