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  1. Just did a more thorough check and you're right, it's 19 locks! Anyway, now find the slipway at Swallow Cruisers apparently isn't usable any more. The slipway at my own club (MWYC at Hatton) is too shallow (we already tried it before travelling down the South Stratford) and the BBCC's entrance via the bridge is not accessible (too sharp right angle turn). So it looks as if we will have to come back by canal with 32 locks - but not until October, when it will be cooler! Happy days!
  2. Does anyone know whether Swallow Cruisers at Lapworth have a slipway? Both of us being of a rather advanced age, we would prefer to get the boat trailed by road from the River Avon, where we are spending a few weeks this summer, back to Hatton (our home mooring), than tackle the 32 locks on the South Stratford again! The boat is 30ft Sea Otter and is trailable.
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