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  2. Seems we've lost another boater due to the bad weather. ======================================= A man has died after falling into an ice-covered canal. Police believe David Thomas was returning to his narrowboat home when he slipped and fell into the icy water from the towpath. Officers discovered him on Sunday night, just a few feet from his boat which was moored at the marina, in Welford, near Husbands Bosworth. A specialist team had to be called in on Monday morning to recover Mr Thomas's body as the conditions were too hazardous to do it earlier. Officers using a boat and diving gear managed to recover the body. The 51-year-old's death has shocked the boating community, who reported him missing. Mr Thomas lived alone on the boat, which had been moored at Welford for about eight months. The marina lies just outside the main village on the Leicestershire side of the Welford arm of the Grand Union canal. Darren Patrick, landlord of The Wharf Inn, in Welford, said: "His death has shocked us all. The boating community has been devastated. "He used to drink here, but he was not in here on the night that he disappeared. He was a friendly man and got on well with people." Harborough police commander Inspector Neal Holland said police were alerted on Sunday and immediately started a search of the canal bank area. Insp Holland said: "We believe that Mr Thomas died as a result of a tragic accident while on his way home after a night out. It looks as if he may have slipped in the icy conditions and fell in the canal where he died." A spokesman for British Waterways said its health and safety officers would be investigating. From This is Leicester.
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