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  1. The bolts are socket head (Allen key) machine screws. There’s a small gap in the lining and i can’t spot any nuts on the underside of the roof. Although it’s difficult to be sure it looks like the roof is drilled and tapped. Captain tolleys is probably going to be the first port of call as I’m reluctant to remove the box unless absolutely necessary.
  2. No, I was assuming/hoping that the roof has been drilled and tapped
  3. There you go. It’s weeping when we have prolonged heavy rain.
  4. I need to remove and reseal a pigeon box and not sure if I should use butyl/mastic sealing strip or silicone. I’m assuming a sealing strip would make for easier removal in the future. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Yes the 7 amps is in total and when the batteries are discharged to around 60% I have capacity in the MPPT controller to add a 4th 100W panel but if I’m not getting much from them it’s probably not worth the expense.
  6. We currently have 3x100W Lensun flexible solar panels which are mounted on magnets to give a small air gap underneath. They’re about 5 years years old and I’m considering upgrading to frame mounted panels on tilting brackets for all the obvious reasons. In the recent sunny weather the panels have been maxing out at around 7 or 8 amps which seems low given that they’re in full sun all day. What would I expect to get from framed panels angled towards the sun?
  7. I’m looking to expand the solar array on our boat. It currently consists of 3x100w panels wired in series via a 30amp/100v Victon MPPT controller. I want to add a further 3x100w panels thus creating a 600w array. My initial thought is to add a 2nd set of 3 through a 2nd controller but I’m not sure if this would be the most cost effective and/or efficient method. Thoughts please
  8. Well maybe a positive outcome from this will be people who previously bagged and binned will start composting which is more in the spirit of owning a waterless toilet.
  9. That may or may not be the case but it doesn’t alter the fact that CRT are choosing to prohibit a particular item of waste whilst at the same time allowing other items of the same class of waste in their bins. To my eyes that’s a flawed position to take. Either allow a particular class of waste or ban it altogether. It’s like saying you can put banana skins in the bin but not potato peel.
  10. Surely soiled nappies and bags of dog poo are just as toxic, if not worse, than human waste mixed with compostable material? In which case shouldn’t CRT be prohibiting it all from their bins?
  11. Well I’ve just received a stoppage update and it’s not looking like a quick fix. CRT have installed a pipe against the towpath to maintain water levels but aren’t able to remove material blocking the navigation as it risks destabilising the cutting further. And quoting from the email ‘ any further works onsite are subject to third party assistance’ It sounds like the embankment will need to be shored up before removing the blockage. I’m no civil engineer but it looks like a sizeable task.
  12. I walked passed the landslip on Monday and it’s a fairly significant one. The footpath at the top of the bank looks a bit precarious and I think there’s a gas main close so i doubt its going be a quick fix. CRT have cleared a channel to allow water flow.
  13. When Northwich last flooded a year or two ago the flood defences in the town centre were breached and seem to remember the pontoons were close to reaching the top of the bollards. The weaver near Acton Bridge is currently rising and there's no sign of the rain easing. I'm on the T &M near there and the water level is higher than i've ever seen it.
  14. If I had that kind of money I’d be handing my notice in tomorrow and sailing off into the sunset until it ran out.
  15. I find it a sad reflection on society that Christmas TV adverts from major retailers are headline news.
  16. Pacific https://newandusedboat.co.uk/used-boats-for-sale/1565
  17. A bottle of Bourbon 2 glasses Freshly ground coffee a guitar
  18. I hear from a reliable source that Birmingham has sold and has gone to sheet stores for some metalwork repairs.
  19. I can recommend some nice walks in the area to help pass the time. ?
  20. Fire and rescue service were called to rescue the boat owners from the tunnel
  21. Winter cruising is the answer ?
  22. Not sure I agree, we’ve passed many lovely canalside properties and no matter how idyllic they are the thought of actually living in them just doesn’t appeal. I think it’s the sense of being tied down that puts me off.
  23. We’re in the lucky position of being able to let out our house whilst we live on our boat. A few years ago we changed boats and had to move back into the house for a few weeks before moving onto the new boat. I can honestly say I hated every day we spent in there. There’s nothing about living in bricks and mortar that appeals to me.
  24. FMC Owl https://narrowboats.apolloduck.com/boat/yarwoods-70-traditional/643095
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