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  1. I'd be interested to know the outcome when you do manage to get there.
  2. Thanks Dr Bob. I was happy with normal blacking for a decade but now have pitting. I did stop in a marina for a bit, with a galvanic isolator, so no idea if that had an effect or not. Imfortunately I'm on the next stage of the boating learning curve now, and leaning towards Debdale.
  3. I couldn't see a field for continuous cruiser. Currently in the NW but that isn't a big problem. Want to get it done next year, by which time I could be anywhere. Narrowboat so no constraints. Thank you. I'm seriously looking at that option, so it's really good to get feedback.
  4. Thank you Nut. Still hoping for more answers. How long does it usually take for everyone to imbibe tea/coffee and wake up? Gin? For breakfast? Might try it but I quite like porridge. Thank you.
  5. I wasn't very impressed with the phone communication when I called, but glad to read the guys doing the job were great. How long did it take?
  6. Useful info, thank you. I wasn't filled with confidence by the person I spoke to on the phone, but have read on this forum that the guys doing the work are good. What was your experience with the work and the office/communication? Hi Dr Bob, Did you go for zinc coating last year?
  7. Hi B0atman, Im considering having my boat zinc sprayed at Debdale. Just wondering how your hull went on after this process and what it is like 6yrs down the line? I'd welcome an update from you. Thanks.
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  10. Hi, My surveyor has recommended grit blasting of my hull, inspection of the base plate and pit welding on the sides, and base plate if required. 1. Can anyone recommend a good yard to get this done at? 2. Debdale Wharf offer zinc spraying. Has anyone had this done? In your experience was it worth doing? 3. How do you touch up 2 pack epoxy once it starts to wear? (I've only used bitumen for the last 14 years). Do you just add another coat when it's due for blacking again? Thanks in advance.
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