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  1. Yes this is me! The name was already taken on here. Thank you so much for looking, my heart skipped a beat though as I thought someone else was looking! I’ve literally messaged anywhere and everywhere I can think of, think I’m running out of options. thank you
  2. Yes I noticed that, thank you, I will hopefully figure it all out, EVENTUALLY! Yes that’s true!! I will hopefully get my answers on the 1921 census. I know about my great grandfather and have found the newspaper article of when he got killed in 1937 and I know where he was living then also.
  3. Hi, I started doing my family tree on ancestry and got the names etc which my mother confirmed (we do not know any further back than my great grandad William Gilbert) my mother has since found out from my great great aunt that they lived at Hatton at the lock keepers cottage and also moved to Knowle still being a lock keeper at around 1920 (as this is when my grandad was born) I am aware that Gilbert is a popular name and seem to be a lot in the same area of no relation to each other. It does make it extremely confusing for me researching them but any information is helpful no matter how small as I could hopefully build on it to find out matching facts from ancestry.
  4. I never thought of that!! I have done my ancestry but I think I’ve possibly gone wrong on his branches, this would definitely make sense to me. Thank you
  5. Thank you for the reply but my great grandad was 54 when he died and that was in 1937. It’s such a common name as I’m finding out.
  6. Ah great thank you. Thank you for the advice I will not give up! Just be amazing to see a photo of him.
  7. Hi I have just recently joined this group and my great grandad is called William Gilbert and I have not long been told that he was the lock keeper and lived at the lock keepers cottage in Hatton I noticed your post and this bit of information but I don’t know what it means, could you please tell me. Many thanks Julie
  8. Interesting thank you, non of the names I have come across in my ancestry research but I am confused why there seems to be no record of my great grandad living at or being the lock keeper at Hatton locks? He also moved to Knowle to be the lock keeper there, I’m not sure that there is a cottage there though, or if they just lived nearby. thank you all for your replies I don’t really understand what to do on this forum so I didn’t get notified when people were replying I don’t think.
  9. My mom said my great grandad was lock keeper at Hatton in 1920 ish, but then moved to knowle? Still as a lock keeper I think?! I have found photos of lots of lock keepers but non of them are my grandad and all are named! It was on one of the many sites I have searched on. I have messaged museums and Warwickshire archives and many more places, even the cottage itself to see if they have any historical knowledge.
  10. Don’t think there’s a Joe although I’m not sure of my great grandad had any brothers. I’ll try and find out. Thank you
  11. Hi, no not as far as I know it was only Gilbert?!
  12. Thank you so much everyone I have copied the black and white top lock photo, I’m hoping someone has a photo of the lock keeper somewhere from around 1920 that happens to be of my great grandad. I’d love to see what he looks like. Thank you all for your information
  13. Good evening just joined I’m not sure if you could help me in any way, I am doing my family history and have just discovered that my Grandad Norman Gilbert’s father Was living at Hatton lock keepers cottage with his family in 1920, I was wondering if there was any more you knew of them or if by any chance there was any photos? his father was called William Gilbert and he was the lock keeper around that time. My Grandad was born in 1920. I look forward to hearing back from you
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