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  1. Thank you all who posted helpful advice on this thread i went for the EA rod licence as it  seems there is lots of water fishing that dose not nead anything more than that and can buy day permit's for arias that need them and will be getting the CRT wanderers licence as well.

    I do wonder if folks stopped asking questions on this forum  and just researched everything their would be no need for the forum their are sum who have had more input negative input and spent more time doing that than actually answering the question. 

    So in answer to the question this forum will just fade away what is a forum for to ask questions as usually helpful answers come back it seem that most thread's get bogged down with snide comments and remarks on this  one if i have a question to ask in future no mater what it is i will research it  or get my information from other sources

    like i have commented thanks for the advice  if the admin can delete my account and my information that would be very much  appreciated 

    i have aided all emales from this forum to my spam on email account

    regards bill 

  2. 1 minute ago, PD1964 said:

    I said understand after your little tissy tantrum, good to see your spelling has improved also. Well now you might post in the relevant section as obviously not “New to Boating” Bill

    Only new to canal boats and smelly canals and it actually rude to comment on folks difficulty with spelling but i will forgive you as you cant help being a spelling pedantic it is a diagnosed  condition just like dyslexia so your forgiven :) 

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  3. 8 hours ago, Hudds Lad said:

    https://shop.canalrivertrust.org.uk/  Canal & River Trust Key £7




    https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/bwb-sanitary-keys-ag-023  £5.90



    DO NOT buy from eBay, i bought one in the past and so far it has worked in one out of about ten locks tried, the key is just too thick for most of the CRT locks.

    I ended up buying two or three direct from CRT so i know they'll work and the cash has gone direct to where it matters*


    *board meeting biscuits and director's new car

    getting them from the CRT that's what i will do thanks then it's going to them and can go back in to the system


  4. 20 hours ago, W+T said:

    Good luck with it all, fun times ahead ;):) 


    What boat parts are you needing ?


    I notice one thing not on your list, but a good idea is to check windows, deck fittings etc etc are all good and sealed.  reseal if unsure as once fitted out it may not be possible. 


    Captain Faffer :) 

    will have a look there's  one window that need's a leek fixed 

    cheers bill


    20 hours ago, W+T said:

    What boat parts are you needing ?

    i am needing a helm and out board controls

    cheers bill 

  5. Image may contain: outdoor and water

    the beds had no boards this is temporary till i sort it in the winter proper 

    No photo description available.

    the mattresses will be reupholstered by my good laddy 

    Image may contain: indoor

    will become a setting aria

    Image may contain: indoor

    previous owners attempt at a galley very bad i would say in fact that being kind 

    It's going to be a long way from perfect this year but we just want to get a bit of use out of her and in the winter i will be ripping in to her and sorting it all out


  6. Image may contain: indoor

    their was a horrible bit of joinery their taken it out i am sure i can do a bit better but it will be bodge it and leg it this aria will be setting and dining aria more insulation to go in but not that stuff the last booger used i will bodge it a bit better

    Image may contain: indoor

    have to sort out that mess next really big bodge coming on bonus i don't have to buy cooker or sink :)

    Image may contain: indoor

    No photo description available.

     theiy will be re upholstered

    i have spent most of the afternoon bodging and ripping out things   i don't want to get carried away or i wont get any use out of it this year so sum thing will be bodged just to get by so we can use it this year it the finish that maters my old man used to say 




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