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  3. Just going down the Rochdale canal from Todmorden, across the the summit and currently at Smithy Bridge. The canal side moorings are poor because there is so little water and the sides have collapsed in many places, so large sections if stone are stopping our options to moor. Also the silt build-up is causing problems with grounding all the way along. Great views, lovely to travel along the canal but sorry to say that condition of locks is poor. Mooring really is difficult and there are very few services long the way! As an example at lock 48, the ratchet on the one top-side working paddle has come apart! #CRTMaintenance #CRTHelp #CRTCanalNeedsLove
  4. I fitted a 12v computer fan from Amazon. It's quiet and 15 mins after a shower in winter (with the bathroom door and window shut) all the steam had gone from the bathroom mirrors and the internal walls were dry. Wired into the light circuit (low power LED so no issue with leaving light on when fan's running). I quite often leave the fan on in the day in winter with the door open to dry air through and out of the boat. All works a treat 😁
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