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  1. Hi, yes I did. Many thanks for your kind offer though. I should have posted I had, so do apologise. I have however decided to go the composting route so will have a C2 for sale shortly!
  2. Hi, It has a wooden roof. A lot of wooden roof........ Replacing the roof with steel isn't an option so I have to repair and make do for now. (Besides I kind of like the perversity of it) I have a stove with a 125mm (5" ) flue. The old stove was a 4" flue which in hindsight might have been sensible to source another the same..... On the roof there is a 4" cast Chimney collar (approx 4.75" internal diameter) and buried in the engine room I found another with a larger ID that looks like it might just take a 5" flue. Just. So how much clearance between flue and collar should I be looking for? Obviously with this it can only be single skinned....I think. Or do I need to get something fabricated? (Thanks for the tip on the greinies😀!)
  3. There needs to be a like button on these forums🙂 Now, how do I get a 5" flue through a wooden roof...? (Or should I start a separate thread..?)
  4. In the distant past I built some turbocharged performance engines for a car being raced at Le Mans. This used Wills rings, a sort metal sort of "O" ring as head gasket between liner and head, which required a groove machining in the cylinder head face. We used to locate these with a dab of clear silicone sealant purely for assembly purposes. Nothing special, just basic clear silicone sealant. Upon stripping the engines where any sealant had squeezed into the combustion chamber space there was no sign of any degradation of the sealant. It certainly didn't seem to suffer as a result of the heat. (On the whole we didn't want any sealant in there!) Combustion temps in engines are high. Very high. I would be more than happy with ordinary silicone, once cured, being able to take the heat. Though there may be other reasons as to why one that is recommended is more suitable.
  5. I hope the statement at the bottom is aimed at me!🤣 (Though perhaps apt!) Yes, it should be. Was rather hoping to get a manual to check but as said above I am sure I can manage without. I am sure I will be able to refit without. Just thought it would be nice to check against especially if there is time between removal and refitting. But if its not available it won't be the end of the world.
  6. Thanks however unfortunately a different model. Thanks, very kind however that is for a different model. I can also download this from the Thetford site so may end up using it for basic guidance,,,,,
  7. Thank you! Found it! But only by doing a seller search....🤷‍♂️ No idea why it didn't come up otherwise, never will understand how ebay works differently for different people! Unfortunately its an instruction for use rather than the installation manual I am after.
  8. Thank you, Had a look on there but couldn't see it. Do you have a link?
  9. Thank you, Unfortunately this is the instruction manual for use rather than the installation instructions.
  10. Hi Does anyone have a contact for Thetford? I have been on their site however it doesn't seem to post any links for contact just refers you to their agents. I am after an installation manual for a Thetford C2 and hoping they can help. (Or anyone on here?😁) I know its an old model however I am refitting the bathroom and need to remove and refit and think this would help. Budget is limited at present so replacement with a new model will have to wait Many thanks for any help
  11. Hi Alan, Thanks. True, and that probably would be my choice. Unfortunately I think that is currently ruled out on a cost basis. Just looking at steel prices for 2m X 1m sheets in 3mm makes me think that the superstructure on a 64ft boat wont be cheap or easy especially as it is on the water at the moment. Maybe in the future.....
  12. Hi, Feel like I've researched for months now! Definitely get the feeling everyone has their own individual preferences. We have a 1Lt bottle of Fertan however the main one will be 5 Lt Aquasteel. Only time will tell if we made the right decision. Still undecided what to overcoat with, we have been recommended bitumen by a local boatyard however I am not sure I am that keen... probably the thought of working with it.... Anyway my next question is did you treat your floor battens and flooring with anything to help preserve them? Again any recommendations? As ours has wooden superstructure this won't just be an issue for the floor. Many thanks
  13. Hi, Apologies for butting in half way through a thread. I have just seen this and as I am about to to pull my floor up was wondering what you used on the rust? I am expecting the worst (and hoping for something better) so thought while the floor is up I will clean the bilge, treat the rust and paint over.
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