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  1. Yes, hopefully it is. I like it, and it is very practical, especially the bonnet, which is the best bit. It keeps me cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather and keeps the sun and rain off the back of my neck. 🙂 And I like making the bonnets to this style, in the tradition developed by boatpeople over a couple of hundred years. I'm also marginally allergic to sun, so long sleves and long skirt are useful. Also they are very good in rain as the skirt flaps rather than sticks, and it blow-dries well. And a long skirt was brilliant at Wakefield IWA National Festival 1992 trapping lots of bu
  2. Colour due to use of "Blue". Highly recommended by those doing the emptying.
  3. Steering the tug when attached was no problem, the tug on its own had a mind of its own.
  4. The Fulbourne porthole is crochet. The tatting, here, is a different structure. ... and only the forty-six years to have worked out the difference ...
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