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  1. Tony Fuller

    Polishing Brass

    For really tarnished brass (whatever polish you use) rub it on using extra fine wire wool. It will tend to make very fine scratches in the brass, but after the tarnish is removed, just polish as normal & the fine scratches will disappear!
  2. Tony Fuller

    13amp rcd have I got the right use

    Hi Bigcol If the wire has melted near a terminal it would seem that the terminal screw had not been tightened sufficiently or worked loose. This would cause local 'arcing' & overheating & lead to the problems you have observed. If you have enough spare loose cable then re make the connection using a bootlace terminal as recommended. Do check that the screw terminal is not damaged also, as if so it may need replacing also. Tony
  3. Tony Fuller

    Eberspacher won't fire up!

    Is the Glow Plug working, carefully feel the outside of the Glowplug housing to see if it is hot!! If not, unscrew the terminal nut on top of the glow plug, remove wires & unscrew glow plug from housing. Check glow plug, if they fail then it is usually a broken heater wire. Obtain another correct model glow plug & refit. Tony
  4. Tony Fuller

    Trojan Battery Terminal Selection

    When selecting battery cable sizes don't forget about 'heat'. Battery cables do tend to get very hot when passing high charging currents. I have 90mm cables feeding into twin battery banks & they will burn your hands after passing 130 amps for half an hour. So apart from the voltage drop question, the bigger the better. I used multi strand welding cable for battery wiring, it is easy to use & bends nicely. Tony
  5. Tony Fuller

    Tony Fuller

  6. Tony Fuller

    Bow thruster

    HI with the NOBELS Bow Thruster, the motor drives a cog wheel & chain ( which is inside the square metal box in the picture) The Propellor is connected to a short shaft with a cog on one end driven by the chain Where the shaft exits the box there is a bearing & a water sealing ring. When you take the top off the box you will see the two cogs & the drive chain, the box should have a bit of grease in it but NO Water. Try running the bow thruster with the top off the box. If it fills up with water then the bearing/seal will need replacing. Unfortunately this is a 'dry dock job' as I don't think that you can replace the seal without filling the boat with water. I have Nobels (Dutch) contact details somewhere if you need to order spare parts. Tony
  7. Tony Fuller

    Narrowboat Aircon Using Canal/River Water?

    Getting back to the original question 'Could canal water be used in a radiator for air conditioning in a canal boat', i think the answer is yes probably it could. In a conventional air conditioning unit a motor driven compressor pumps gas under pressure until it turns into liquid (the heat generated is dispersed via a coiling coil & fan). The high pressure liquid is allowed to evaporate into a gas which creates a cooling effect into a radiator matrix, a fan blows air through this thus giving a cooling (air conditioning effect). I cannot see any reason why instead of cooling gas, canal water should not be pumped at low pressure through a similar cooling coil with a blower fan to give a simple form of air conditioning, because the temperature difference between canal water (say12 degrees) & the cabin air (say 30 degrees) is 18 degrees then some amount of cooling will take place. A degree of electrical power will be required but a 'bilge pump' plus a small axial fan should not be too bad. ( it is the compressor on standard A/C system which is the power hungry beast.) I suggest that an old '12 volt evaporator unit' from a supermarket type chilled delivery van would be a good place to start. The unit will come complete with a 12 volt radial fan, connect this up to your bilge pump from the canal & away you go. Don't forget as someone said there may well be condensation to collect & remove (the condenser units come with a built in condensate drip tray) Anyone keen to give this a try??? Tony
  8. Tony Fuller

    Fitting hull-earth bonding

    Just a small point, most engines are earthed to the Hull via the Exhaust Pipe, as this is usually made of steel & the outlet is usually welded directly to the Hull. Tony
  9. Tony Fuller

    Liverpool boats Mains power 4 way switch

    Hi Techcare What happens in my system is that the Combi senses the Alternator voltage as an 'over voltage' & then shuts down the Combi. After a few seconds the Combi re-energises itself & the sequence starts again.(about every 30 seconds) When this happens I adjust the Alternator Controller output voltage to balance the system so that complete charging can take place. My system is quite old now, a Heart Interface 2500 Combi Inverter/Charger (with useful 130amp charge rate), also a Heart Interface Alternator Controller. The Heart unit uses big heavy transformers & has been extremely reliable (although not so efficient as the modern electrical systems) Tony
  10. Tony Fuller

    Holding Tank

    Holding tanks do have a tendency to get a build up of hard anaerobic sludge on the bottom of the tank. This is just not removed during normal 'pump out'. Just putting a hose down the pump out pipe from the side of the jetty does not shift this. With a 'dump through' toilet the sludge build up results in bad bathroom smells after each pump out' To remove the layer of sludge, I have made up a 2ft length of copper pipe with a shut of tap & a hose connection at one end. At the other end is a 90 degree pipe fitting bend, with a 'jet fitting'. In my case a drilled out radiator air bleed nipple. This gives a really powerful jet of water when connected up to the jetty rinse out tap via a length run through the boat to the bathroom. I just open up the 'dump through valve on the toilet' & stick the 'sludge buster pipe' down the hole. Turn on the shut off tap & direct the jet from side to side thus scouring the sludge from the bottom of the tank whilst the 'Pump out machine' is still working. I do this twice a year to banish holding tank smells !!! Tony
  11. Tony Fuller

    Liverpool boats Mains power 4 way switch

    HI Techcare, Depending on how the Combi Charger is set up, you may find that the Combi & the Alternator try to fight each other. What could happen is that the Combi senses the Alternator input as an over voltage & then tries to shut down This happens on my system & I have to 'tweak' the Alternator Controller Output Voltage to try to get a balance. Tony
  12. Tony Fuller

    Bow thruster recommendations please

    Some BT's have an overheat sensor coupled to a warning buzzer. In an emergency you can still keep using the Thruster after the buzzer sounds but continued use may burn it out !!!
  13. Tony Fuller

    Wallas Diesel Hob and Oven

    A good compromise is a Wallas diesel Hob plus a Microwave Oven with a Grill Element.
  14. Tony Fuller

    Microwave Oven with Digital Timer using Inverter/Travel Power

    Hi OldGoat, Thank you for all your help, I have been doing a bit of internet surfing (mainly among the RV & Sailing Forums) & the general consensus is that using a modified sine wave inverter is usually OK (but slower which i already knew) but any with digital clocks can give problems. My idea was to look for a microwave/grill unit with a 'clockwork timer & a transformer powering the magnatron. As you so rightly say it may be that the cheaper/smaller Microwaves are powered by 'switch mode power supplies' which will not like the MSW supply. I will have to try to get more detailed specifications on suitable units before parting with any money. I probably won't be using this until next year so I have got a bit of time for searching, but if a suitable unit did come up I will grab it as these will now be quite rare. Hi dccruiser Yes mine was an old heavy Sharp unit (ran for 25 years) which I disposed off at our local council skip centre. They do have an appliance re-cycling centre but this all goes to charities & is not for purchase by the general public.(Usually they won't sell used Electical Goods even to charities due to 'health & safety issues') I now wish I had held onto my old microwave & try to get it repaired ( but I assumed that spare parts would no longer be available). Its gone now so I will have to continue my search for a suitable unit. Do any other forum members have a microwave running on a 'modified sign wave inverter' please ? Thank you all for your help Tony
  15. Tony Fuller

    Microwave Oven with Digital Timer using Inverter/Travel Power

    Hi Top Cat When your Bread Maker failed when using a quasi sine wave supply was it the 'digital timer' that failed/melted/ or/blew up or did it have a 'switch mode power supply' inside which caused the smoke, or did you just scrap it without opening up to see what had happened. Just trying to get to the bottom of potential problem Thanks Tony