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  1. Brilliant idea! I considered that too for additional safety. Beautiful design! Oof! That's the kind of mistake you only make once - bless her. Vigilant watchdog! Adorable! Did they swim too, or just enjoy the view?
  2. Adorable picture! Good in principle, but for a mountain dog, it's just an invitation! ?
  3. Very good point. As mine is a rescue she's rubbish at recall so almost always on the lead anyway. And I'm very much relying on your hindsight for my foresight!
  4. That's exactly the sort of thing that scares the proverbials out of me. Heart stopping indeed. Maybe I'll just strap her to my back instead ?
  5. That was my thought - although personally I do prefer a bit more space at the back of the boat. Wonderful picture!
  6. That's my concern - generally speaking, everything else is more important and more interesting than me when we're out walking... but in the car she's fine, so I'm hoping that we strike a happy medium on a boat. Wonderful! My second choice is semi-trad for this very reason - good to see that there's plenty of space for two happy labs in there!
  7. That's a great idea! Could do with one of those for me... She's been trained to stop on her towel when she's wet/muddy. Then I just scoop her up in the towel and put her in the shower. Works a treat.
  8. Haha! Maybe he can teach her how to be a boat dog!
  9. It's gorgeous. I'm so looking forward to being able to explore places like this again! ?
  10. I couldn't imagine having a dog on a trad stern. Appreciate that some people do, but mine loves to wrap her lead around my legs at the best of times! Not a fan of the trad stern for me anyway - will have a nice cruiser "patio" ? Hadn't thought about mushroom vents... are they strong enough? TT's are able to pull a surprising amount of weight for their size - I wouldn't want her making new holes in the roof in excitement! Barge temptation! ? ? Do you want to try telling my dog that?! She's the kind that loves standing up in the car when we go round corners. Fluffy little thrill seeker! She loved being on boats (engine running but not moving) and once she'd explored everything with her nose, was quite happy to find a spot near the fire to snore at us!
  11. I'll have to go through the boat weather-proofing it as soon as I get it anyway - not just for her getting wet/muddy, because I'm just as guilty for coming home like that! ? She looks so regal!!!
  12. Ditto. I've done quite a lot of boating in various forms, and didn't want her deciding to leap off a kayak in the middle of the fjords because something over there smelled marginally more interesting! Thanks! This sounds ideal - once the initial novelty of "new boat sniffs"has eased, she should be just as happy to curl up on her bed. I hope! How long did it take for yours to get used to it?
  13. Theoretically, yes,. But as a long-haired mountain dog (albeit clipped int he picture above) it makes swimming hard, and as a breed they're generally not swimmers by choice. Thank you so much for the thoughts!
  14. I take it the wine glass is hers then! ?
  15. Weird, the resemblance is remarkable. Usually the tail is a dead giveaway... Is this because it's a trad stern or would you do the same with a (secured) cruiser stern? I think I'd be worrying about her too much to leave her anywhere near the outside of the boat in locks etc anyway! Plus I think she'll be happy enough (meaning, not panicked and destructive) with a comfy seat by the nice big windows that she can smoosh her nose onto! ?
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