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  1. Thanks Dr Bob, It was a dilemma to post in the first place as there was always a possibility this could happen, however as we are looking for our first boat we needed advice and suggestions and all information has been greatly received. However lesson learnt and in the future will look to PM people who have provided sound advice on this thread. Once again, thanks to you all.
  2. Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, someone put an offer in on the Sunday (10th May) and pipped us to the post (We were going to put an offer in on the Monday morning) so the search continues!!
  3. Hello everyone, Again thank you all for your comments and advice. I will certainly take on board all your suggestions and now sit down with my better half to see how we wish to proceed.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, Thank you all for your advice/suggestions as it gives food for thought, especially some of the suggestions we had not even considered!!! Richard
  5. Hi Rob, I believe it does but just wanted some opinions/advice from some more seasoned boaters regarding price etc Regards Richard
  6. Hello everyone, I am still looking for for my first NB and believe this may be a contender https://www.venetianmarina.co.uk/used-narrowboats/details/5178.aspx Can I please ask for your thoughts on this boat? Regards Richard
  7. Hi Guys, Thank you very much for your informative responses. We are in the process of gathering as much information regarding purchasing,owning and the running of a NB. We currently motorhome most of the year and so keep to a budget and track our expenditure; this includes things like maintenance, repairs, insurance, overnight stays and general living costs so, based on the information gleaned from this forum and other sources, we believe the costs to be comparative to our current spend. Look forward to asking further questions/advice as our journey to owning a NB continues. Richie and Kat.
  8. Good morning all, I am after a little advice (I have tried the search facility and none seem to answer my question). We have retired and pretty much full time in our motor home and use my parents address for bills etc. We are considering a NB (so please stand by for many numpty questions) and would like to use it continuously throughout the network for about 9 months a year and then moor up for winter and take off to sunnier climes and returning back to the UK to restart the cycle. So I take it we would not be classed as CCers, so therefore what would we be? Apart from the cost of the winter mooring are there any other charges we would be liable for? i.e council tax etc. I look forward to hearing from you. Richie and Kat
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