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  1. I have a 600 watt 12v invertor which I bought from Maplins before it shut and it has served me well but I need a new one now and was wondering what to go for !!! I cant see why some are hundreds of pounds and some not. The 600 w was fine and I was wondering if I could put a 800w one on, or if that's a waste because my alternator wont be able to handle and more power, I have a canal line 38 engine. I also reckon a modified sine wave would be fine from reading about it as I only want it for tv, laptop and charging phones tablets, etc. Any advise please
  2. Hello, I ve just joined as I need your help!!!!! Stupidly I put white tiles behind my wood burner about 10 years ago.......I know white!!!!! (younger days when I thought Id clean them regularly!!) I need to paint the tiles so I don't have to clean them so regularily, what paint do you suggest? I can get tile paint but a little concerned about the heat from the fire? am I just being a woose, do I just use tile paint and be done with it? Its possibly about 2 inches away from fire at closest part..
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