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  1. Completely off topic and purely out of interest – I have been looking at the York Marina website. I notice it says you can get to the Ripon canal in 6 hours. However most of the boats that look to be in the marina or for sale would not be suitable for the canal? Or would they?! Where would you go on some thing like these? https://www.yorkmarina.co.uk/boats-for-sale/boat/?Make=Sealine&Model=255&BoatID=7321785 https://www.yorkmarina.co.uk/boats-for-sale/boat/?Make=Doral&Model=250-SE&BoatID=7189859
  2. Wow - thanks so much for the quick replies. The kids are really good on their own, they don't really need much other company. They are also not glued to technology either - we have only just given the eldest two a tablet and really restrict usage. They love caravan holidays - running up and down (!), making dens, colouring / arts and crafts etc which is why i thought they might like a boat. I just worry if there are enough places to stop and stretch their legs and play - fields etc to make it worthwhile? I discounted Selby canal as it was so near and wouldn't feel like a holiday but i guess it makes sense! I think the suggestion of doing a holiday is a good idea. I will certainly look into that when times are better
  3. Hi All, I have got 3 kids, ages 1, 5 and 6. I have always wanted to own a boat but always expected that it would be later on in life when the kids have flown the nest. However recently i have been wondering if its something they would really love too. If I got a boat I would be using it on weekends and school holidays. I currently live near Selby, so would be looking at perhaps the river Ouse (York) or Leeds / Liverpool canal. to base the boat. However I am a bit worried the kids would be bored and there wouldn't be enough for them to do? On a weekend obviously we wouldn't be able to go very far on the boat. Anyone else do anything similar? Is there enough stopping points? Nice pubs, fields / play grounds etc? Thanks
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