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  1. Thanks PD - planning to do just that on my next free day ?
  2. Great stuff - thanks Ray!
  3. Thanks for this Richard - I'll certainly look into that. Appreciate you getting back to me. Cheers
  4. My name's Paul, and I'm seriously thinking about buying a NB to live-aboard, but it's many years since I've been on one, and although I get the gist of ropes and locks etc., I could do with a refresher to gain confidence and help me decide whether to go ahead. Hiring a boat for a week seems like a pretty expensive way of getting a 'crash' course, and I wondered if there were any gentle folk / single-crewers who'd be interested in trading their experience and a spare bunk for a helping hand for a week or so? Obviously I'd expect to pay my way... I'm a decent, responsible, double-jabbed 55-year old bloke, living in Sheffield (though not expecting to start at Victoria Quays!)
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