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Laura p

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  1. Laura p

    Sinking dream

    Thank you for ur replies, yes we loved on the boat for six months and me and my family used it when ever it was possible and it was moored at white bear marina before all this happened we’ve had to move down to get the work done, that’s when the nightmare started and now has been left in a state, a gentelman is looking after itc we we t yesterday and it’s floating it’s just got a tiny bit of water cause by a slight hole in the side, it has a lister engine which been told it’s a really good one, but it’s been disconnected from the stared switch, there is then nothing on the boat except for dodgy wood works the cowboy left and the fire is left in the middle of the floor which is rusting due to the boat previously sinking, we hires a pump to get the large amount of water out, it’s been left for 6 months to a year one that and now my mum is pulling her head out the sand and getting it done, we have all the insurance and licenses as mum was supposed to be lived on the boat with Her husband this cowboy come in but we know how to moved it and do toilet the water ect.. it was great living before few bits went wrong and that’s when my grandma paid to get it sorted, she passed away and cowboy got off and now boat is there and we want her sad state to get fixed not cut a loss as it’s not just cutting a loss it’s the memories and they are also supposed to live on
  2. Laura p

    Sinking dream

    Thank u so much for ur reply, yes it’s Adlington, I will definitely do that! Thank u again I hope I can get this sorted
  3. Laura p

    Sinking dream

    Thank you for ur reply but been told it will be thousands to pull it out of the water is this true? I know with everything going on things will have to wait, it’s just the advice and getting things for the ready of this lockdown to be lifted. thank u again
  4. Hi everyone I’m really new to this and having a dream turned to night mare and looking for any kind of suggestions, contacts or help, 2 years ago my grandad bought a 47ft narrow boat it had always been hes dream shortly after he got very sick and passed away, my grandma was left with the boat and tried to have the boat repaired to keep the dream of my grandads alive, but sadly got sick also and passed away, my mum has now tried to sort this boat out and a cow boy builder has wrecked the boat and destroyed all that was left and robbed money and a lot of expensive equipment off the boat, all we have left is a sinking boat with a lister engine, my mum who has suffered a stroke through the stress of it all is wanting to completely make over this boat and get her up and running and back a float please please can any one help? Thank u in advance
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