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  1. Thank you. Worrying too much I guess 🙂
  2. Thanks. I just wondered if people were happy to leave their dogs for short periods of time on a boat.....for safety reasons.
  3. We just really needed to know what other people do with their dogs if they want to go somewhere for a few hours during the day that dogs can't go to. We won't be going away without them, or even staying anywhere overnight without them. Finding a dog sitter is a good idea.
  4. We thought that if we wanted to do some sightseeing where dogs can't go, for example, visit the Tower of London. The mess doesn't matter so much....we were thinking more in terms of safety. Am I worrying too much about boats sinking? :-))
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm working on getting all my questions out of the way so I'm ready for our move onto the canals next year. We have 3 dogs. Most of the time they will be with us all the time but we recognise that there may be the odd day where we might need to be away from the boat for the whole day. Would people recommend day kennels in this scenario or do you leave your dogs on the boat? I guess I'd be worried in case something happened. Thank you for your thoughts
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