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  1. Hi all, Thanks so much for your responses. They're really very helpful (and much more useful than the response I got from CRT!). The clarification of the headroom and the additional info re: bridge calculations is very useful. To summarise, it looks like we should be fine. To answer David's question, we actually have a residential mooring so won't be heading too far in either direction (we actually only want to potter about in the school holidays!) I was also recommended the Nicholson guide so will pick one of those up. Thanks again, Matthew
  2. Hi, I've been looking at this page on the CRT website: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/canal-and-river-network/paddington-arm-grand-union-canal It states that the headroom is 2.08m (6ft 9") and the draught is 1.28m (4ft 2"). I just wanted to check that I understand this correctly. Our boat has a draught of 24" (2 ft) so I assume we are okay on that measurement. As far as I understand, the headroom is the distance from the waterline to the lowest bridge. Is that correct? I appreciate headroom may of course change as the waterline changes but I assume CRT have listed the minimum it will ever be. The reason I am checking is because the overall height of our boat (from the baseplate to the roof) is 2.5m (8ft 2"). The amount that sits above the waterline is 1.89m (6ft 2") so if the headroom measurement is as I understand we should be fine here too. However, if I've understood it incorrectly and headroom is equivalent to the total height of the boat, we will be in trouble when trying to navigate. The width is 13 feet in case that is of relevance (the CRT page states 14 ft as the max width). Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matthew
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