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  1. I went for the disposable technique. Was going to use Jotun, but look at this! 💵 💵 💵 💵 https://www.smlmarinepaints.co.uk/tankcoatings/tankguard_DW Don't need 15l mind, I'll keep sleuthing... Edit: cheaper than Rylards though, https://www.boatpaint.co.uk/acatalog/Spencer-Coatings-Epicol--Water-Tank-Coating-.html
  2. Ooooh an opportune thread! I will be de-rusting my water tank in the next few weeks. I've already done the interior of the hull, went for the angle grinder method followed by epoxy primer, it's fine just messy! Protective gear is a must. I'll be doing the same in the water tank, I've found you need a drill attachment or hand wire brush as well to get right into the corners. My pick up tube was full of rusty stuff, it's just a mild steel pipe welded into the tank. It took a good prodding with a flat head screwdriver to get all of it out, then I'll clean and epoxy inside it. Considering fitting a plastic fitting though (speedfit 22mm tank connector), I guess it's another potential failure point but it'll stay clean and might be easier for maintenance in the future... guess it depends how well you block off the old one! I'm thinking some kind of rubber bung on the inside and then cap it off on the outside, it's got a 3/4 thread on the 'outside' end. Super satisfying work though, it looks so good when it's done! A neighbouring boater suggested today that I should buy a light colour of epoxy (not black) so that it's easier to see inside the tank in the future... 🤔 A good thought but I guess it depends on what colours you can buy the potable epoxy in, hopefully they do rainbow...
  3. Varem Expansion Vessel Potable 2 Litre With Check Valve https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GRR54DI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_-qp5Eb5HSG8W7 So something like this claims potable but if it’s carbon steel as claimed in the description I think it would probably corrode... I guess a copper one would be needed really. Ah, this one looks good... good price too. https://www.completepumpsupplies.co.uk/reflex-potable-2-litre-expansion-vessel-shock-arrestor?utm_source=google_shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw8pH3BRAXEiwA1pvMsR3QVMKm5bhSHFGh6-WhEWzF2HHRaNa0gq8VAEer0GnT45fMI9F6tBoCibMQAvD_BwE
  4. Ah that’s interesting, I didn’t consider the restriction the pipe would put on flow rate. I guess the water heater will be receiving the same flow rate, so I could get away with a lower rated (and slightly cheaper) water heater (Cointra CPA6 which does 6lpm) Or, plumb the whole boat in 22mm to take advantage of the pumps capabilities... Would higher flow rate make for a ‘better’ shower? I’m not fussed about being able to run more than one appliance at a time.
  5. That’s great thank you guys. The pump is where it is because I’ve built an accessible location behind the shower, initially for the gulper but there’s space for both and it means I’ve got more space at the front of the boat by the tank. Thats an interesting article, I guess there will be dedicated disposal points for composting toilets as they become more widely adopted. Bit like electric car charging points 😉 Funny, the branded accumulators (well, Jabsco ones) are about twice the price of a normal small metal expansion tank. Nah, not gonna be cruising that often. I’m gonna build in a space under the bed so that I can add one at a later date if I change my mind...
  6. Ha, I wish I could afford to pay someone to build my boat for me.
  7. I see... so the pressure in the tank stays the same even when it’s not full? And it will only refill once fully empty? Thought so... let’s stay on topic!! 😁
  8. Haha, loo will be composting... never encountered one before though, I’m keeping the old thetford in reserve... surely the pump will need to cycle to top up the pressure in the accumulator once it’s emptied?
  9. I pondered this, couldn’t think of a logical reason why the pump being near the tank would make any difference to it...
  10. Amazing, thank you. What is the benefit of a larger accumulator? Is it do with the water heater? Drain valves, amazing! Where would you put them, how would they work, would you need a space inside the bilge to put a tub or something to catch the drained water? I was going to fit valves before each outlet for maintenance but putting one in front of the heater is an excellent idea, thank you.
  11. The hot water comes from the water heater, it’ll be a instant gas water heater I am considering the Cointra CPA11. I haven’t shown the gas lines.
  12. Hi all, On to the plumbing stage of my fit-out... I've drawn up the attached diagram which is my proposed system, I'm new to this so I'm seeking general advice from people who know better as to whether I've overlooked anything important any pointers on best practices etc. would also be much appreciated. There will be a 1L accumulator fitted after the pump. The pump is a Jabsco Par-Max 2.9, I was going to buy a Cointra 11 water heater which has a similar (very slightly less) flow rate to the pump, would this be a good choice or are there other things I need to consider? All feedback appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  13. Thank you everyone. I've operated the gates, they work fine it's just passing the upstream channel leading to the lock that looks like it might be problematic. I've rung CRT before and usually they just quote the information from the website at me but I'll try again. Alternatively I could just wing it, the journey there and back is within a days cruising of where I'm currently moored, worst case I could end up having to reverse back through the lock 🤨
  14. Ah yes, just a standard 6,10 2ft draft narrowboat in this case.
  15. Hi all, Beal lock on the river Aire is showing as closed on the CRT website due to ‘excessive silt buildup’. I got an opportunity to go and check it out by car the other day, the lock itself is operating fine, there is however a lot of visible silt in the upstream channel leading to the lock, has anyone used the lock recently and know whether or not it’s passable? There’s no indication on CRT website yet as to when it might be dredged, could be a while I suppose with the current situation.
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