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  1. Hurrah for no raises. Come on now! Please applaud.
  2. I promise not to clap for Boris at 8 pm tonight... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sm1eeXnvn9Q Cheering for no raises for NHS, teachers, police, fire service etc!
  3. Yup. The definition of the word is as I remember it. No low standards here.
  4. I don't agree with you so I'm calling you a brat! This is the ultimate in debate! Hope you are happy with this? Remember that this is an argument against a child/brat* * delete as appropriate
  5. Canalworld.net A place to attack children and have your friends to support you! Are you still calling this child a brat?
  6. A brat? If she has indeed been indoctrinated then as a child it isn't her fault. Or are you the sort of person that attacks children no matter what the circumstances? A sad way to think.
  7. Are you saying she is correct?
  8. A long holiday somewhere warm. Business class flights and nice hotels.
  9. I've been on several fora where they are rationed. Generally the reason being that you get cliques of members who up vote just about everything others of the group post. This can discourage quieter posters who might spend a bit of time and effort on a review or trip report only to find some inane one line contribution has had more reaction.
  10. Boaters stuck at home and levels of pedantry on the internet rise to all time highs.
  11. On one's £2500 bike with no bell. I'm wondering if minimum perambulation speeds should be included? Otherwise towpath jams might be an issue.
  12. In addition to making the towpaths one way a no overtaking rule would be necessary to ensure social distancing.
  13. The one way idea, to maintain social distancing, only works if people are going approximately the same speed so this is actually a good thing.
  14. Narrow towpaths should be made one way?
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