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  1. much better thank you again
  2. Hi All We have a problem with the route on this plan, after printing the PDF itinerary it was fine until we get to bordesly junction, the plan then takes us along the birmingham canal to the left for a time, turns us around to come back on our selves! Please can you help? (you can see just in the top left hand corner under 23/3)
  3. Thank you for this worked first time!
  4. Thank you! I also saw between camp hill and Salford junction there is a restriction to 70 foot (if we do take the short route do you think our 70 footer would squeeze in?
  5. Thank you all for your swift replies! We are going March 21 to 28, the longer route comes out at about 9 hours cruising per day (which is fine for us!) would you all suggest not going through Solihull is a better route. Thanks again
  6. Hi all! Myself and my family are undoing a trip around the Warwickshire ring! Starting in Napton and ending there too. I am trying to use canal plan.org which we do normally but its spitting out some strange results. Please can you help with.. -Is there a better site to sue to plan routes? -If you have completed the ring do you pass through Solihull? (as the planner is taking us the long way round) -is the reason the plan is taking me a longer route because there are restrictions in Solihull? (our boat is 70 foot) Thank you all very much
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