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  1. The last research I saw on the BBC suggested that only 2 out of 10 people were happy to go out and eat/drink. We are still in the 8 out of 10, and will be for a while yet.
  2. Well we are not quite comparing like for like there are we? And you know it. I know what my standard boiler swap cost. You didn't mention yours was not standard so it was obvious if it was standard it wouldnt have cost so much Simple really.
  3. You ommitted the additional work required, so yes actually the misunderstanding is your fault. If you had said the replacement would cost £3000 because "unfortunately additional work is required to bring it up to current stanards" it would have been a lot clearer. Quite simple really
  4. Exactly. But mr vagabound seems to have subsequently completely misunderstood that its the flue that can be extended and not the boiler location that needs to be moved.
  5. If you had mentioned the extra works required I wouldn't have suggested some body was 'having your eyes out' as clearly it was not a straight swap. Obvious surely, we are not psychic, or did you think we were? How close it is indeed relevant, as I know someone who had the exact same issue but it was resolved easily in a 'gas safe' manner by an instsller, hence my question.
  6. Last time we went through Harecastle the boat behind us I remember had two wonden top boxes on the roof (not the car type). I rember asking the skipper if he was confident it would fit through. He was as he had done it before. The tunnel keepers had no issue with them and sure enough he emerged with them intact. They must have been very very close though.
  7. My other daughter who works as a mental health nurse alongside the police in a custody suite started with classic symptoms last week. One of the guys in custody had tested positive whilst she was at work. She was tested but luckily hers was -ve so she could return to work straightaway. The result was sent to her by text within 24 hours which I thought was quite impressive.
  8. Its mentioned further up thats where it ended up, so almost certainly the boat that the incident was filmed from.
  9. Is that Hazleford? If so probably yes.
  10. Deleted as I forgot you need to go into you router settings.
  11. Coming off the River Avon at Stratford upon Avon is very tight height wise around 6ft and a few/couple of inches.
  12. Nice car, nice bridge (ive walked across it)......as for the cover........what can one say?
  13. Current estimates say only 5% of the UK population have had it so far. Though others put it as highas 25%, who the heck to believe. I personally know 4 people who have had it. 3 family members,1 of them tested postive and was critically ill, now recovering thankfully. His wife and daughter both had classic symptoms but mild. They were not testing contacts at the time but 99% sure they would have tested +ve if they had been. The 4th is an A+E nurse who live across the road. She was tested and was +ve. She was poorly but not hospitalised. This was all at the onset of the pandemic in the UK and I dont personally know anybody infected recently. (None of course are liveaboards though).
  14. Somebody will be along shortly to condemn your for the heinous crime of feeding bread to ducks. But before they do they should know the RSPB do actually say it's OK to feed them a small amount as in itself it isn't harmful, it's just that too much can leave them feeling full and they won't get nutrients from eating other stuff.
  15. I doubt asking here would provide anything like a reliable sample size. Id be more inclined to ask for data on the postcode area where the boat is kept, you might find its quite low, and hopefully its not in Leicester.
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