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  1. Or owns a property potfolio? Everything is relative. Personally I couldnt give a stuff that apparently you have a portfolio of rental property. I presume you worked for it? Good luck to you.
  2. They are only 'held in contempt' by silly people who have nothing else to worry or concern themselves about. They would be better to focus on stuff that actually matters. Who says a private plate is any more a 'signal of success' than a nice car, boat, house, property portfolio? You. So what?
  3. Yes. But not surprising really.?
  4. Why? If I see something like a flash grp flybridge cruiser cruise past its up to me whether I think 'lovely boat' or go out of my way to turn my back on it and mumble 'rich twit'. More often than not if I call out 'nice boat mate' I get a friendly wave and a smile back, and "cheers' back in return. It pays sometimes not to be a bitter twisted individual.
  5. Its up to others how they react. 'Feelings' as you put it are a matter of choice. You can look at a nice car and think 'thats nice' or you can be a jelous, sad and envious rather bitter individual, and think 'flash git'. I like to see private plates, not those that are illeagally mangled to spell a name or phrase. But proper ones. Each to their own. Live and let live.
  6. Because one can, and its the business of nobody else?
  7. Doesnt really address my question though does it. But never mind.
  8. He actually said the tide will turn in 12 weeks just last week. So you dont agree with that?
  9. The thing I find most interesting about all of this that (looking some posters history) Boris was defined as the hero PM who would 'get Brexit done' now seems to be having his ability to 'get this virus done' called into question. Interesting times.
  10. Cant work out how to push the bow or stern out as I would normally do when leaving a pontoon?? Edit - ah right you don't have too, there is more than enough clear space just to move forward.
  11. Hopefully she is not typical of the Russian medical profession, otherwtise as a nation they are doomed. Did you notice Putin in the same piece huddled around a table with his 'advisors' sat about 2 feet max. from each other? While he was 'briefed' on the CV situation in Russia.
  12. Yes I saw her on last nights news. I dont know about her being a doctor but I do know she was clearly lacking in the logical thinking dept.
  13. My understanding is that yes, there is a theoretical risk that the virus could transfer via. the coat of a cat or a dog. This is not the same as the animal having the infection and transmitting it. It's the same as it being transferred by any other surface. This surface is different of course as it is 'mobile'. The source I read suggested the risk though was extremely small because transfer by a hard surface was much greater. The advice was to wash your hands (20 secs. thoroughly) after handling the pet. I will see if I can hunt down the link. Edit - It was a segment by a Vet on GMB about two or three days ago but I can't locate it. This government link simply suggests washing your hands after handing you cat which would seem the support it. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-advice-for-people-with-animals Other links would seem to back up, just wash your hands too.
  14. However the credibility of that study has been called into question on a few fronts.
  15. Presumably people who gave a positive test were then subject to a strict lock down quarantine?? ie enforceable by law and imprisonment for none compliance.
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