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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. They featured two such delivery drivers on the news last week. One was an ex airline pilot and the other IIRC was something in live theatre. Both had lost their jobs in the last few weeks but had managed to secure something positive from the pandemic after it dealt them such a blow.
  3. One problem we have had with Asda was with the app. and right at the beginning of Lockdown 1 when demand for on line shopping was at it's height. Amending an order one Sunday evening the whole thing locked up and crashed. Trying again a bit later the order wa showing as still being amended but we couldn't either cancel the amends or check them out. It just locked in that state. Annoyingly this meant we couldn't place any future orders because we had to cancel or checkout the amends on that order before it would let us place a new order. A call to Asda was of no help other than were told we wee not the only ones who this had happened to. They just didn't know how to fix it. Fortunately I as well as Mrs HN had an account with them so we just switched to using that. Even now 8 months on if we do try use Mrs. HN's log in it still shows as the order being amended and remains in that state.
  4. I think that works for the wired ones but we once had the type that entirely encloses the bottle top. I handed that one back to the driver and requested a refund. The other thing ASDA are good at is if you request a refund for something that's damaged or not of a decent quality. Their systems are obviously set up to authorise them up to a certain limit and get processed pretty well immediately.
  5. During Lockdown Mark 1 we started with Asda but briefly tried Morrison's for a few home delivery's and sadly found them to be wanting,. They rarely offered a substitute item. We were told by somebody that works there that they are not allowed to substitute an item if the only ones available are more expensive. I presume this to be true given the source and our experience. So we reverted back to Asda and continued with them during the remainder of Lockdown Mark 1 through the summer lockdown respite, Tier 2 and now Lockdown Mark 2. We go into tier 3 next week and will continue with them. If they substitute a more expensive item not only do they actually deliver it but you only pay what you would have paid for the original item ordered. The only problem we have had with them is our local delivery team have a habit of delivering spirits with the security tags still attached, so our drinks cabinet sometimes looks like we have been 'on the rob'.
  6. Oh dear. You seem to be taking this personally. The desirability of the moorings is not particularly relevant. The fact is they are LTMs and nobody has a right to moor there unless they pay to do so. It really is that straightforward. That is what the sign is for.
  7. Imagine coming back to the long term mooring you have paid handsomely for only to find you can't get back on it because some cheeky 'so and so' has moored on a spot they don't pay for?? I doubt that will be the only sign indicating that those are CRT LTM's, they normally have indications at either end that you have had to pass to get there. that looks like a supplementary sign advising what will happen if you are cheeky enough to nick somebodies spot.
  8. Unfortunately in a society where some are ready to litigate at the drop of a hat or at the very least cause a 'social media storm' when their precious one does something stupid like 'fall in' and comes to harm I guess they are just trying to mitigate.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Tethering (using your phone as a hotspot) works for most people on board BUT if you need your phone for work calls this could be a bit of a faff. Your best option would really to have a quality external antenna hooked up to a router inside the boat. That would keep your phone separate and available for use. It would also result in a better quality reception which in some areas can be hit and miss. Example antenna https://tinyurl.com/y4ho9dqr Example router https://tinyurl.com/y2yz8my4
  11. Ditto. But my time doing it was before laptops or mobiles.
  12. As an aside interestingly some nurses can indeed work from home. My daughter can. In fact its a requirement of her role so would be anyway regardless of lockdown. She works for these guys. https://www.healios.org.uk/services
  13. Surely a penalty charge has nothing to do with accumulation of rubbish on the tow path? That charge is to prevent people who are not entitled to moor there from tying up. If those creating the mess have a mooring agreement for the site then that is nothing to do with this charge. CRT can use the terms of the mooring agreement to deal with that particular issue. Im sure ours had something in it about 'not making a mess or creating a nuisance' (or similar) at our site.
  14. Thought so. So not as per the original post at all. Its a penalty charge not a mooring fee.
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