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  1. I think the problem I have with it is a philosophical one. The new logo marked a transition from the maintenance of navigation as the defining ethos to the promotion of well-being for all. On the subject of rushes, they have absolutely no place on a well-maintained canal in my opinion. There are far too many places on the system where reed succession has narrowed the channel to a single narrow-boat width.
  2. Oooooh, that's lovely. Thank you very much. Hudds Lad, is that good enough to replicate in a vector graphic?
  3. Terrific. That's very kind. My intention is a sticker run for nostalgia. Let's see what this matchbox is like ... how did it end up in Malta?
  4. Yes, brilliant Ray T. I just bought the matchbox. Surprisingly hard to find any material online with this visual identity. Thanks.
  5. Yes! That sounds like it. Be very grateful if you could share at leisure. Cheers.
  6. Thanks, I've seen this link recently. I was hoping someone might have an image of the wobbly anchor; 80's-style I imagine.
  7. Does anyone have decent quality image/s of the old British Waterways Board Logos before the daft monochrome swan-bridge-reeds? Thanks.
  8. Hello folks, any idea when Anderton Boat Lift will re-open?
  9. Allan, could I get your opinion about Mr Halcrow's response? https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/judging_criteria_for_tenders_on#incoming-1529371 Thanks.
  10. FYI it has. The footbridge across the canal is still closed pending repair, replaced with a subatantial scaffold replacement.
  11. Any update on whether these works have now been completed and the stoppage lifted? Thanks.
  12. David, if by 'awkward squad' you mean someone that cares enough about our shared heritage to hold responsible public servants to account then fine, guilty as charged. Allan, this is amazing and truly useful. Thank you for getting intellectually involved. 😂 (bravo)
  13. Apologies. Wrong vocab'. My bad. My understanding is that many waterside businesses who access the water from their properties pay a 'ground rent' to CRT for the privilege (often levied as a substantial slice of turnover).
  14. Thanks for this well-reasoned thought, which has been articulated privately by others. However, I'm over the disappointment and am now into 'justice'! I detest being treated like a simpleton by the powers-that-be whose officers all too frequently imagine that a pat on the head with a hollow platitude will placate the masses.
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