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  1. 10 hours ago, rgreg said:

    You won't escape the Rufford Branch until 10th March and then not much further until 14th March due to winter stoppages. 

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been made aware of winter conditions and closures and don’t plan on leaving until the end of March! 

  2. Thanks to all of you for your input, great to get some varied views!


    I'm edging towards selling it... as much as I'd love to keep it I think it's going to be a drain and now isn't the right time for me.


    The mooring is up at the end of March so my current plan is to take a trip from Rufford and bring the boat closer to home, this will give me month or so to completely make up my mind on what I want to do with it. 

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  3. Hi all,


    My dad was living on a narrow boat up in Rufford until he passed away last year. I’m currently deciding what to do with it, there seem to be a few options and I’d love some opinions.


    1. Sell it - it was only built in 2015 and is still in pretty good nick so I can’t imagine it’s lost a massive amount of value. 

    2. Live on it - I like the idea of living on the boat but my life is down south in London and I know this comes with many, many difficulties. I’d have to be within commutable distance of the city and it doesn’t seem cost effective looking at the price of the few residential moorings that are available.


    3. Keep it and rent it out for short stays - this is my ideal option at the moment as I really just want to cover the costs of owning and maintaining the boat but I’m not really sure how it’d work. It seems you need extra/enhanced checks, certificates and licences. 

    4. I only work part time so I guess another option would be the ‘continuous cruising’ but as an alternative to a leisure mooring rather than a permanent one. I’d still live in my flat but would use my time off the move the boat to avoid mooring fees.


    As you can tell I’m new to this, any opinions, ideas or alternative options will be much appreciated!


    Thanks in advance! 

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