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  1. Hi All, thanks so much for all the replies - I had made a massive balls-up and connected the coolant into the main water part of the tank...(luckily just a few litres).After MUCH flushing out and refilling I've got piping hot water! Thanks for all your help!
  2. Sorry yes I should post pictures, just need to search how to do so. I think it's horizontal as it has attachments for 2 different coils at different ends I.e it couldn't 'stand ' . I flushed each coil when I got it, to work out each 'set ' so I'm pretty sure I've got them right, also, I'd have 55l of coolant in there and the system for the heating is primed up with around 56l and working great.
  3. I think it's seated the correct way up - it's got a sort of flat bottom on the insulation foam from its previous fitting on another boat..I'm trying the cold and hot pipes switched over as I've got no manual or diagrams that came with it (Second hand, not a surecal) and see if that somehow makes a difference...
  4. Ah ok..these all make sense...I'm assuming I'd have to actually disconnect pipes and rotate whole calorifier in order to get the pipework running correctly I its interior, or is it just a matter of switching the feeds?
  5. Hi, i'm new to the forum, fitting out my own boat currently! My horizontal calorifier is fitted and fed by a webasto and the engine take off hoses for heat, twin coil, and connected to accumulator and expansion tank just after the hot water out pipe from the calorifier. I only get 2 litres or so of hot water before it becomes cold, checked and bled the coolant side of the circuit, all fine, adjusted the thermostatic mixer valve to make sure it's not all cold mixing in. Water does come through from the hot tank, just a very small amount, so unlikely to be a blockage as water is flowing from the tank...im at a loss, any ideas??
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