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  1. THank you all for your advice, I visited the boat today and took the injectors out and did a compression test, I got 200 ibs foot and 220 ibs foot so happy with them. I set up to do a fuel flow test and found the throttle linkage solid, by disconnting one at a time the problem was that the fuel pumps were solid, I feed them off with WD 40 and worked the springs up and down till loose, all good so far. I balanced the fuel quantity but found the diesel that came out the injectors was as white as milk, the spray pattern was not that good either. I checked all lines from the fuel filter to the pumps and the fuel looked clear. When I undid the fuel line from pump to the injector fuel was white, this was the same both with both pumps. I am putting 2 and 2 together and linking water contamination plus initially sized pumps equals contaminated fuel. My manual recommends sending the fuel pumps to a specialist, can anyone point me in the right direction
  2. I'll try and explain a bit better. I started the engine again after the boat had dried out, she started and ran without much effort but didn't sound too smooth so like a fool I thought I would adjust the linkage, I gave it the smallest of twists and the revs died. I could not restart her on the battery and while it was stopped I thought I would check the oil which was when it all started to ooze out of the oil stick hole under pressure. It took me a while to suck out the oil as it was so thick and week's later after many attempts she is not even trying when I turn her over on the battery.
  3. My boat took on more water than expected when it last went in which resulted in water getting into the engine. She was still running and I realised I had a problem when the oil oozed out of the dip stick hole when I removed the cap. I have drained the oil and refilled with new oil, the intention being to run it for a while to clean out the engine and repeat the process with a new oil filter. I did inadvertently mess with the fuel pump linkages and Unfortunately I cannot now get it started even with easy start, it fires on easy start but will not continue, the injectors are spraying equally, compression feels good and it has a tarter motor which turns it over a a good rate, anybody have any advice before I give up on her
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