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  1. Thanks for all the replies ... change the oils in the gear and reduction box and engine couldn't find and diesel leaks so far ... the engine and drive chain behaved perfectly on the next trip which was about 5 hours .
  2. Thanks for all the advice ... cheers
  3. Hi . I've 3 Mark's on the sr3 dipstick am I right in thinking the top one is the maximum mark ? I'll try and a photo .. thanks
  4. The ep80/90 should that be gl4 or gl5 ?
  5. Thank I think we'll flush the gearbox and can we do the same with the reduction box too ? Yes it has move a bit and been run to charge the batteries I think it's a good time to change the oil . Thanks
  6. I'm afraid I don't know which grade of oil she said it was the correct oil for the engine ..I'm not there now but will ask if there's the end of a container left around .. thanks Yes west london ... shame that would have been useful..
  7. Hi Tony .. the engine oil was changed a year ago ... but is very thin there is also a lot of oil in the tray under the engine .
  8. Hi ... I've had a look at the dipsticks the longer is in the reduction box and the oil has a grey thick consistency as if a little water has got in ... the gearbox oil is fine and clear... the engine oil is thin and I think smells of burnt diesel ... also the level doesn't seem to gone down at all which I find surprising ... Many thanks for the replys to all and I'm sure we'll be asking some more in the future ... regards Eris
  9. Thanks again ... when I've a spare moment I'll have a look at the oil and the lipsticks...
  10. Thanks ... she's just mentioned that the engine runs fine when the boat is taken out of gear .... and as to the oil I don't know if the oil is the correct ep 80 and if the dipstick are in the correct boxes ... the oil has not been changed in at least 5 years and the problem started maybe 3 years ago ..
  11. Hi folks .. my friend she's on here as Debsv...her lister sr3 with the lh150 gearbox has a problem that after cruising for a couple of hours when the engine starts to get hot. The engine seems to slow down to a complete holt, apparently once it wouldn't go into reverse ... I was with her once when after stopping when hot the gearbox mage a banging sound when trying to engage forwards ... once the engine and gearbox has been left for ab hour or si it's fine to carry on for a while until the process of stopping repeats its self ... has anyone experienced this ? Thanks Eris
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