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  1. There was - police located it in a boatyard (back on the cut not long after) and the chap that ‘took’ it was arrested, but if I recall some of what my friend shared, the case seemed to stall and splutter out. My friend has since seen this thread, so will let him fill in details if he wishes. I don’t know all the ins/ outs to be able to share anything accurately. I know it wasn’t a great conclusion and the boat is still out there (Cov way I think).
  2. Thanks for your support. I've been actively searching these last couple of weeks - it's been a mixed & interesting experience (the people have been lovely). I found a good option today, and I'll be busy tomorrow seeking a surveyor and boatyard in Cambs. Fingers crossed she surveys well and I'll soon be cruising back on my future home
  3. Yes, no interest or curiosity and yet here you are - again, concocting your version of my friends' experience. A frustrated novelist, perhaps. And since you asked again, you're wrong, very wrong. Crime number stands. FYI - The buyer was a stranger to my friend; I don't own a boat and haven't to date. Of course I want to help him find his boat. Re: post 68 - covered in previous replies and photographs.
  4. Hey Dave What relevance does this have to a call out for any sightings of a stolen boat? Let me assist - none. The finer details of the theft, well that's a Police matter and they're satisified. Gratifying your curiosity is not my concern. Why chimeral? 2/3rds of your post is why; I'm being generous.
  5. An entertaining & chimeral reply, thanks Dave. p.s. paperwork is the business of the seller/ buyer and no one else. Oh, and the police in regard to this matter.
  6. No one has to convince you. Happy for you to scroll on by if you're unable to assist. Police - Northampton . Call them if you're interested in the reference format.
  7. Not the same boat. Neighbour on same mooring from where my friends' boat was nicked.
  8. That was a different boat - belonged to an old boy who was away when it sank. My friend was his neighbour. The sunk was boat was lifted by the council and I believe you can see it next to the yoghurt pot in one of the pics. Not the same boat. Same location / mooring & my friends' neighbour, until it sank.
  9. Interpretations such as suggesting a poster is swerving/ not being straight/ hiding something are the readers' projections. It is telling of the reader, not the poster. As mentioned, relevant answers given above.
  10. Catch up - answers above. I'm here to attempt to track a boat for a friend two months after it was stolen, long shot as it may be. Your suspicions aren't really relevant to the matter. If the post is annoying you, maybe move along to something more satisfying.
  11. true... but a lot of effort. Do you think the unscrupulous would bother to make the effort? Or just trust that a 'rose tinted' or naive buyer comes their way, who doesn't think to ask/ look for a paper trail. Maybe it depends on the value vs effort to forge/scam.
  12. You can certainly have a guess, but since I'm not seriously looking until Spring, it wouldn't be the best use of your time. I don't disagree; they should but they're not compelled to do so. A naive/ romantic purchaser may not appreciate the need to be asking/ checking for such history/ documentation.
  13. Yes, I meant the responsibility sits with buyer for Inland Waterways purchases. Thank you for the link.
  14. It seems the responsibility sits with the buyer to be robust in purchasing process re assurance and documentation. Personally, I'd walk away from anything I wasn't comfortable with.
  15. Not even surprised. Isn't it a worry how poorly controlled boat ownership is/ or how easily it can be circumnavigated... it makes me anxious as I'm planning to move onto a nb next spring.
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