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  1. She was built in 1990 45ft pat buckle semi trad narrowboat
  2. What kind of box? Our shower is like one of those hip bath types things There is a pump fitted in the plug and sucks the water out when switched on
  3. Yes the water tank is at the front and is nearly empty which could be why she is leaning back a bit! There is about an inch of water in both inspection hatches. The only reason why I suspect the shower is because the surveyor said the bathroom was an amature fit out and we should re do it to stop the shower leaking. My water pump only comes on when I run the taps and isn't running all the time. I don't have a cabin bilge pump fitted I don't think. In the shower there is a switch that pumps the water out of the bottom of the shower but only from the shower it seems
  4. Hello we have owed our boat Millie Fleur for just over a month now. I came home today in daylight for the first time (I work early to late hours) and noticed she was sitting slightly lower in the water at the back. I turned on the engine bilge and pumped out the rain water that had collected. But still she sat low in the water 🤔 I then checked the inspection hatched inside the cabin one by our back door and one in our bathroom (also at the back of the boat). Both hatches are full of water 😱. I want to get the water out but I don't know how. I guess I need to buy a water pump. Please can people recommend a good water pump? As I have no clue. Also any suggestions on what to do? I hope I'm not sinking and I suspect the water may be leaking from the shower when I have a shower?
  5. We have a charge control/battery charger display by sterling power. This turns on when we hook up to the shore power to charge the batteries. It then beeps after about 10mins saying batteries over temp. We also have solar panels and a different display for the solar In the picture is the Stirling power display one Also I found the picture of the temperature sensor on the internet on the sterling power website https://sterling-power.com/search?type=product&q=Temperature+sensor
  6. Oh yes well spotted! I don't know if mine is the same as that mine is a black and red wire with the metal ring. Perhaps mine isn't meant to sit underneath the battery and actually on the negative of the battery? I don't really know much about electrics only basic knowledge how will I know if it's the same as the picture???
  7. I definitely think it's the heat sensor playing up. It's very annoying all I want to do is charge my new batteries and make sure they don't go under 12v ??? I've move the heat sensor completely away from the batteries and the charge controller is still saying over heating The heat sensor is just a wire with a metal bit on that sits underneath the battery (see picture) I'm gunna have a go at disconnecting all the batteries and reconnecting them properly. Or perhaps I need to fit a new temperature sensor. But I wouldn't really know where to start with that
  8. No not hot to touch I just went and checked
  9. Yes we have a heat sensor connector to the batteries that monitors the heat of the batteries and their outer casing. Both these temperatures show up on our battery charge controller The batteries are around +45degrees and the outer casing +22degrees when on charge
  10. Hi We recently bought 3 new leisure batteries as the old ones were not holding any charge. We have plugged in to hook up to charge the batteries as they weren't even half full on our solar charge control. But every time we we plug in the hook up to the battery charger the battery charger beeps saying the batteries are over heating. Is it something we have done wrong? What is causing the batteries to over heat when on charge? What are the dangers of over heating batteries? We have a sterling power product battery charge controller And we have fitted 3 new leisure batteries from halfords Voltage: 12V with Capacity 115Ah im getting very stressed and worried because I don't want overheating batteries but also I don't want them to drop below 12v
  11. Hi Tony I think your right! I have just researched the three stages of charging. Why do you think it may be to early for an optimum charge? Please can you explain? Sorry I am new to all of this and learning!
  12. Hey guys So we fitted 3 brand new leisure batteries today as our others were not holding any charge and on the recent survey it was recommended we replace them. I replaced the batteries with 3 brand new leisure batteries from Halfords Voltage: 12V with Capacity 115Ah everything is working fine on the boat the solar charge control has a happy face with full batteries our other charge control was saying 78 mins absorpt wet open (see picture) I have no idea what this means and wondered if any one knew??? We are new to this boat and getting to know it. It may be a silly question but I'm curious to know what it means Thanks
  13. Thank you so much this information is such a great help! I will pass it on to my mum ?
  14. Hey guys So my mum has bought herself a 50ft narrowboat. It's currently at hilperton marina but she wants it moved to Evesham marina. On water it's gunna have to be taken the long way round along the k&a then up to Oxford round Birmingham and down to Worcester and onto Evesham. I don't have the time to help her move it so she is looking for a skipper to do this journey. Can anyone recommend some good skippers for her to look into? The other option is taking it by road on a flatbed. Is there anything she should be wary of putting it on a flatbed (I'm of the opinion boats like being in the water) Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  15. Is it crowded on the canals round bath at the moment?
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