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  1. Hi does anyone have any information on lock from 24 to 21 on the trent & mersey canal. Are they open, one boater said there might be a closure many thanks.
  2. Hi why are the public allowed to be exercising on the canal towpath when you cannot maintain a 2 meter distance. Why didn't the government also include canal towpath as a no go place
  3. Cheers .if I can help you one day I will many thanks
  4. Hi bud Shropshire union Wolverhampton 21 Bham main .basin then on to grand union many thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I have one question. is it safe to moor up in Wolverhampton district and Birmingham and all it's areas ,this is my only route because of the closures .ps try to get to the grand union leamington spa cheers
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