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  1. It's in Haggerston, I'll be sure to check the paperwork really thoroughly. It has electric hookup, water and pumpout, which makes me want to think evicting boats would be a waste of money for them, but of course can't really know. There aren't many boats on the mooring either which is potentially a worry, just because an eviction would affect so few people it would be hard to argue against
  2. The mooring isn't owned by CRT. It's privately owned by a property development company
  3. Thank you! It isn't Leo although she does look like a really beautiful boat. It's a privately owned one, they obviously rent from CRT but I was slightly worried about it not being as secure as CRT because of being privately owned. I've pretty much decided that it's for me and am really excited, just getting last minute nerves because it seems like such a lot of money for something potentially not very secure! And also, yes, very excited to join the boating world! Alan, this is what I was worried about! And am willing to take the risk, I'm just trying to work out exactly how much of a risk it is. Does eviction happen often?
  4. Hello all, Interested in people's views on paying a premium for a boat with a mooring in London. I've found one with a secure mooring close to Kings Cross, but the asking price is around £30,000 more than the value of the boat. I understand this is to be expected, but how high is the risk of loosing money on this? I'm thinking mainly in terms of the mooring changing hands and loosing the mooring. At the moment it's the most practical option for me as I can't move a boat frequently enough with my work, but love the lifestyle and living on land doesn't appeal to me. Thanks!
  5. There's no mention of the last survey and the seller is taking their time to get back to me, I wonder if a boat that old is likely to need any work on the hull at some point? Thank you for this advice, all very helpful
  6. Hi there, I've found a boat I quite like the look of but I'm inclined to think it's overpriced, I'm new to boating and could do with any thoughts on this. It's a 1980 hancock & lane, advert here- https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/hancock-and-lane-70-traditional/614148 No overplating that I can see, but also no recent survey. What were Hancock & Lane like as builders? Does this seem like a fair price? Thanks, Mark
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