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  1. Yes. I think I need to decide how many watts of panels I intend to have, taking into account possible expansion, first then choose the solar charger that will cope with that.
  2. Yeah. I think that’s the sort of solution I’m going for. Thanks 🙏
  3. Yep. I have a bilge pump switch which allows me to turn the pump on as required. This also has a circuit breaker on the consumer board. But my bilge pump is wired from 2 sources, one of which appears to be directly from the starter battery and can be activated by a float. The float was being deceived by some stern gland grease that had gotten into the bilge causing the pump to run continuously and drain the battery. I have learned the lesson of keeping a tidy stern gland and bilge and the pump is now working as it should. Back to topic, I think I know what is required to connect my solar panels to the battery bank. I’m going to get a dual charge controller. Happy days.
  4. The bilge pump is connected to the battery before the isolator switch so the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. Many boats have this arrangement apparently. Although being connected to the starter rather than the leisure battery appears to be uncommon
  5. Unfortunately my automatic bilge pump is wired to the starter battery before the cutoff switches and my battery was rinsed by the pump when it developed a fault so for peace of mind I prefer the starter battery to be charged also
  6. So, upon further research, my options are to either have have one charge controller with a VSR in the line or 2 charge controllers from 2 separate solar arrays or a single dual battery solar charge controller from a single solar array. Am I over complicating this?
  7. Voltage Sensitive Relay. It is wired so as to connect the sets of batteries together when the system voltage is raised to a charging voltage, ie when some source of charging is active (solar, shore powered battery charger, alternator etc). I have a charger for when I connect to shoreline power so I guess that must have a VSR. I wonder if it would be possible to feed the solar charge through that? That makes more sense. Especially as starter batteries don’t like to be run flat and leisure batteries tolerate this better. I wondered why that wasn’t the case when I discovered what had rinsed my starter battery. But then I think Liverpool Boats did funny things when it was built in 2004 🤔
  8. Funny you should mention that. I replaced the starter battery 3 months ago but my automatic bilge pump was playing up and emptied it last week 😏
  9. Thanks for the reply, Tony. What’s a VSR? Currently the batteries are charged by two alternators on the beta 38. Edit. I just googled VSR and found that it splits the charge. I don’t think I have this as I have 2 alternators. So I guess that some charge controllers can split the charge. Otherwise I could have 2 sets of panels with 2 charge controllers; one to charge the starter and one to charge the leisure
  10. Hi. Please can you advise? I am looking to install a couple of solar panels to charge my battery bank. I have 3 leisure batteries and 1 starter. I want to charge both the leisure batteries and the starter. Can I do this from one positive and one neutral output from the charge controller or do I need two; one output to the leisure and one to the starter?
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