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  1. Hi MenagerieAfloat, Interesting reading and thanks for your input. I hadn't seen the "Boat Shed London" site but on checking it out I had the impression of London prices! Just a few more days (Next Saturday I hope to be already viewing my first boats!). Exciting (and nervous) times for me but it helps a lot when people on this site share their knowledge. Thanks, and I hope that you have a great day, Neil I have understood that 'last out of the water' would give the impression that the hull (underwater) could not have bee inspected or had any work done on it since that date. Neil
  2. Hi LadyG, Yes, I have heard of the "engineering" days on the trains. I will keep everything open with "options", but I'm sure I will arrive at my destination. Thai trains are a 100% disaster, so anything will be better. Neil
  3. Hi Mike ..... Ohhh ... No, no, no .... I have no interest in buying a car (I'm trying to get away from the roads to the tranquility of the canals). Also I have everything planned and shall be quite mobile with Taxi's. No need for hotels as I will have a day return on the train from London. Anyway, thanks for your concern ... Have a lovely day, Neil WoW! ... That would be a wonderful option ..... but I'm sure I shall survive with Taxi's. Thanks again for your suggestion ... Neil
  4. Hi Dr Bob, Thanks for your very comprehensive and informative post. I can see your point and fully understand the "looking around". One of my problems is that I arrive in the UK on the Friday and need to go viewing on Saturday/Sunday and I have no transport! I don't have a car, and although I have a Thai driving license that is valid for one year on UK roads, very few (or none) hire companies will rent me a car, that with the fact that I also don't have a credit card! I will keep you informed of my progress but it might be limited to three marinas around Whilton/Braunston. Thanks again and have a lovely day, Neil
  5. Hi dmr, ABNB is on my list of marinas and boat yards to visit. I think I would change the name of the company if it was me as every Google search said was I looking for AirBnB. Anyway I found them already a few months ago and it looks quite promising. Have a great day Neil
  6. Hi BWM .... Thanks for your input, which sounds like positive advice. I just checked out their website and it looks interesting. Have a lovely day, Neil
  7. Hi Doratheexplorer, Weddings in Thailand (and funerals) everyone wears shorts and tee-shirt! Job interviews I don't do (I stopped working 14 years ago!). My long jeans were for visits to immigration. Temperature here today is about 39 degrees! Have a great day Neil
  8. Hi Greg ... Three certainly seems the way to go but as my phone has slots for dual sim I could always get another one should I need it. I also want to moor "out in the sticks" so who knows we might pass each other somewhere. Have a great day, Neil
  9. Hi again .... Lovely to hear from you. I have a shopping day planned for my arrival day as I only have one pair of long trousers (Jeans). One long sleeved shirt and a rather thin woolen jumper (Ohhh, and no socks!). Thailand has been shorts and tee-shirt .... that's it! Have a lovely day Neil
  10. Hi Lady G, and nice to see you again, you certainly are an early bird as I think it must be about 4am in the morning? Three is looking good I think but I will find out when I get there. As for the boats and a surveyor, I haven't got anything lined up yet, but I will be treading carefully. My preferred destination is Whilton marina as they have been very informative and helpful when I have called them, but time will tell. They also seem to have quite a selection at the moment for under the 50,000. I look forward to seeing you somewhere in the future, and thanks again for your very valuable input. Have a lovely day, Neil
  11. Thanks Tumsh ..... Every snippet of information is valuable to me as I have been out of the country for quite a while (nearly 50 years!). Thanks also for the link to 3 store. I hope to catch up with you sometime .. Have a lovely day, Neil
  12. Hi Biscuits ..... Thanks for the info. My Samsung phone does have the ability for dual sim so your suggestions sounds like a good idea. Have a great day... Neil
  13. Hi Guyz .... At the end of 2019 I joined this forum knowing that I would be returning to the UK after many years living abroad and I have managed to gain lots of very valuable information thanks to your help. The day has now arrived for my return, and Saturday 25th January I will be visiting a few marinas concentrated in the vicinity of Whilton Marina. I have registered with a few of them and have been able to keep up to date with what is on offer at the moment. I also may have overcome one of the hurdles I was facing, that of having a registered address to open a bank account. It seems (I await to confirm) that with the HMRC (who pay my state pension) letter that was sent to my (friends) postal address I will be able to open my own bank account. I will also need (from day one!) a telephone provider and a new UK telephone number. Is there any particular provider that is better for cruisers of the canal network? A couple of times I have seen mention of "three" and of course I would also need internet availability on the boat. Once again, I would like to thank you all for your help and advice in the past and I look forward to your further help when I arrive. Whilton will be my first point of call on the early morning of Saturday 25th January so if you see a strange (suntanned) face looking around the boats or (I've heard they do a good breakfast!) in the cafe please do say hello and let me buy you a coffee (or tea!). Neil
  14. Thanks for the information .... Great help! All the best for 2020. Neil
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