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  1. Thanks matty40s, it's good to know not everyone here is an as...(censored).
  2. No it isn't like saying you get more chips at so and so chippy, what a ridiculous, simplistic and invalid comparison. I had some normal people replying then two (censored) spoil the thread. I give up. The second sentence in your above reply is also a good answer, what's the crap above it for?
  3. What attitude, what are you talking about? This is becoming a bit weird now. I ask some genuine questions and get attacked for it.
  4. Really! Is that what you think? No they were genuine questions from someone simply looking for some reassurance. Isn't the answer to your second question obvious? to stimulate some more responses, basically for one or two more opinions.
  5. I don't see it as patronising in the slightest, can you explain your reasoning? If anything it was a genuine thanks and also served to stimulate more responses. Because I have the ability to think.
  6. 'Username not recognised' now when I try to sign in. Again, have to log in via Google.
  7. Hey there's some good answers here. Thanks so far.
  8. Hi, when I first tried creating an account nothing happened when I pressed submit, except at the bottom right of the page a floating box was partially hidden that moved into focus when hovered over with the mouse. The box displayed the message: "This site is not enabled for the invisible capture." there was a reCaptcha logo on the box. In the end I signed in with my Google account. Thought I'd let this be known.
  9. Hello, this is my first post here. I was wondering if there exists any set standards for mooring fees. I've noticed on some websites that many fees are discounted if paid yearly rather than monthly, should this always be the case or is this purely at the marina owners discretion? Also without saying too much I'm aware of two narrowboat owners on one marina that are charged different mooring fees despite the boats being the same length, are there any genuine reasons for this?
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