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  1. Which one mate the stretch build is this one were commenting on. His other build is the link alone posted on page 2 or 3 on here.
  2. Wayne. I've just gone through your last boat build.. I'm currently up to page 21 and my god I'm impressed by your skills.. I'm going to have to contact you via pm or some thing so you can give me the low down on fibre glass matting etc. I haven't a clue what to use where and why etc you seam just the man for the job... I'm very interested to see this stretch on this norman. Judging by your previous work it's going to be a good build to follow.. Get chopping mate ? Rob
  3. Love it...... Cant wait to see it all happen... I was thinking of doing a build thread but i don't think people would take much notice... My one doesn't have the all glass windows as you mentioned, we be leave mine was kitted out bu Springfield boat builders and they took on a different window style.. here's a pic of my project I currently have to make the wheel house front screen and then the half roof if that makes sense.. i have the glass as the one that was on it was beyond repair so i salvaged the glass but i havent a clue how to go about making it and weather if should be done in fibre glass or wood rob
  4. Hmm interesting read guys... I think that would just about sum it up, they must have cut the windows out when fitted out by springfield... As the sea masters in this size all have glass windows with a alloy frame as mentioned....... Sadly i dont have lights like that just plain boaring strip tube lights.. White cork board roofing panels rob Heres my boat builders badge
  5. thanks for that. althou looking at the photos of senior boats all the windows look different.. I know mine has had wooden windows added in at a later date but the senior ones still dont look like mine. They also dont have the hatch at the front.... Hmm id love to find out what it is
  6. Evening all.. I recently bought a cabin cruiser as a restoration project to completely renovate and restore to better than former glory. I was told it's a seamaster 23... Looking at the plans for the seamaster it's very similar in layout but the windows are completely different on the front and sides..... It's has a boat builders plaque that says r.springfield boat builders maidenhead. Google turns up nothing in relation to this... Shes fitted with a perkins 4.107m with a enfield 130 z drive. All believed to be standard fitment even has the perkins starting procedure plaque... If any one can shed some light on this mystery I'd be most grateful... Regards rob
  7. you will only get fuel out the injector pipe ends by cranking the engine over whilst the pipe are cracked off, one fuell is seen leaving the pipes with no air nip them up and start engine... ??
  8. It's not just one boat name lol I've got 3 boats ? I'm looking forward to all your project so hurry up and get started I want to follow your lead Haha.. I've got a seamaster 23 at least I was told it was but I'm not 100 percent sure as all the seamasters have totaly different windows.. Excellent news on the transport I'm really keen to see the project kick off the ground especially with stretching it.. I've always liked the norman 32 I like that double berth layout bow and stern.
  9. I take my hat off to you sir... Well done and dont loose sight... I have also bought a cabin cruiser that needs a complete refit and paint etc but its all the painting and wood work etc that makes it fun and interesting.. Im 100 percent behind you with this one mate and im following with great interest. Keep the up dates coming
  10. It's a shame really but I just feel I'll be wasting good money on bad. Parts are mega hard to source for the 2.2 bmc compared to 1.5 and 1.8.. It's in a river cruiser and it hangs out the deck a fair way so I'm thinking it would be best to remove the engine and go to a out board set up on the transom. Thanks again every one for the help and advice at least I managed to get it going just to see the outcome... I was going to break for spares is there much want for bmc spares ? Rob
  11. hI GUYS there is no return back to the tank and looking at the boat layout and the tank and hoses its never had one in its life... Filter housing has a feed in from the lift pump, a feed out to the injector pump, a return from the injector pump and there a blank in the return port.. Spill pipes from the injectors return back to the top of the filter housing with a banjo bolt and copper washers... Had it running again last night but its very poorly in so many ways.. I put my rubber hose straight onto pipe that feeds the filter head by passing the lift pump.. The pipe just snapped off in my hand close to the lift pump so that may have been a possible issue. i primed all the system got all the air out the injectors it crank and cranks but just wont pick up easy give it a sniff of wd40 and it fires to life, it doesent stall now after reving it up but it smokes like crazy and it sounds like a bag of spanners being dragged behind a dust cart.. The water pump shat itself and water leaked every where. Theres been a previous weld to the block looks like its cracked at some point water is also leaking out of here.. Pulled the dip stick on what was fresh oil and theres all metal fragments floating around in the oil of what looks to me to be fragments of big end bearing or mains... Decided its best to pull the plug on this one i can see its going to be one thing after another and with a welded block that still leaks i really dont want to spend my hard earned cash on a heavy boat anchor... Bits are pretty hard to find now for the 2.2 if it was a 1.5 or 1.8 than parts are plenty......... Thank you to every one for there kind help just a shame my little bmc has had a hard life in previous times...
  12. Hi tony... 1. I thought so on the tool just be nice to have it set up correctly per manual. 2. Yes it as that horrible filter with the bottom bowl and gaskets etc.. I replaced the filter and all the seals even fitted a new o ring onto the bolt its self which was half way down it. Under the belt head itself was a copper washer which has just turned up today as I didn't have the size.. 3. I connected my rubber hose to the copper pipe that feeds the lift pump. I haven't had the lift pump apart but I've checked all the connections and even tried thread tape on the threads still no different.. Pump holds pressure as in I can prime the system and it stays hard till it runs then dies then I have to give it a few pumps more.. 4. Next plan today is to over ride the lift pump and the filter housing running the pump straight off of a can no filter no mechanical pump etc.. 5. The filter wasnt in a good state but engine was sat in a shed for 4 years. I replaced the fuel filter and as tanks wernt great I haven't plumbed into them.. I saw that filter last night in the parts manual but I haven't looked at ot yet. I just checked the fitting was snug against the copper washer and sealing ok. And finally today I plan to remove the injection pump FEED pipe from the housing and plumb that into my can. I was worried about the return and leak off pipe sucking in air but like you say with that pressure that side it shouldn't so now I can proceed with my test and report back.. Thank you for your kind help.. Also fantastic web site I'm on there most nights looking... Yes spill pipe runs back to the filter housing via a banjo bolt on top.. I hadn't thought of that but how could that be sorted if it was pushing air back. Would it suggest it's getting air from the pump or injectors...
  13. Yes i've been there before with a mouth of diesel haha not nice..... I bought this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01DJ89SSY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My plan is to put one end in my gerry can and the other end on the pump fuel in.. This way i can prime the pump by squeezing the bulb till all the air is out then suspend the can up high so gravity takes over. Im thinking this way will also eliminate the fuel lines, filter and the mechanical pump.. Every thing is pointing to air in the system but ive tried every thing and i cant see or hear any obvious leaks... Very strange how it revs up but soon as you let off the throttle and try go back on throttle it just bogs down and dies.. Im guessing air creates all sorts of issues......... Off to the boat after work today about 4pm should have just enough day light to do this test... Ill report back my findings maybe ill try load up a video if it stalls again so you guys can see and hear exactly what shes does... If this doesent work in thinking its going to be the diesel pump. i see theres a special tool to set the injection pump timing and re aligns the pointer on the crank case.. Ive searched high and low and not found this tool. Thanks for all your help every one
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