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  1. I've only just seen this thread and it has been uplifting to read through to your last post and see your good news. All the very best to all of you.
  2. Took a ride over to Shepperton lock on the motorbike this afternoon. It's certainly moving at a fair old pace. There were few boats moored up immediately in the downstream lockcut but never saw "Tomorrow". Where are you moored? Near D'Oyle Carte Island?
  3. David. In my view it was unpleasant. Sorry if you don't agree. There are too many posts on internet forums that have absolutely no value are just plain negative.
  4. What a thoroughly useless and unpleasant comment. What value did that add to the thread?
  5. Gervais really showed his limitations. Totally unable to adlib and handle the situation. That was about the only bit I saw.... I still can't believe that 10 years on we're still getting this sort of stuff thrown at us. Britain at its worse IMO.
  6. Yup, just tried it now and link worked fine. I tried earlier and it wasn't working.
  7. As yet it's too early to know what has really happened but.... if this was an attempt to bomb/fire the building and people in it I hope that the person(s) burnt suffer horribly.
  8. The Halfords Professional range come with a lifetime guarantee and are pretty reasonable value. I've used mine extensively on trials motorcycles and they've performed pretty well. I had one small adaptor break (due to my heavy handiness in reality) and it was replaced with no quibble.
  9. I used to live with the naive view that I lived in a democracy... you know, the one where the government reflects the will of the people. Do these conflicts have the backing of the majority of the people? I rather think not. We now live in a BLiar type democracy... in other words not a democracy at all.
  10. I wasn't referring specifically to a canal... I thought this might be a sensible thing to do moored on any moving water no matter how slight the flow... btw, as an example, I'm not sure it would be irrelevant on all parts of the K&A.
  11. Slightly off topic but related to the casting adrift problem. Does anyone use their anchor on the opposite side to the bank to minimise the effect of being cast adrift? I'm particularly thinking of at night whilst asleep. If this is a dumb comment please ignore.
  12. Firstly, I should say that I know absolutely nothing about the "Westwood Saga" but from what I have seen I gather that all has not gone well with this build? I've looked on Apollo Duck and seen the ad for this boat. On the surface it looks quite an attractive proposition... just a minor detail... I don't want to be paying £72950. However, the worrying thing is that to rank novice all might appear well but maybe all is not well??? To the points... would/should a survey pick up on any of the suggested issues?
  13. The big danger is that if they were to take any notice of the petition (about as likely as me winning the lottery) these idiots would spend at least another £400,000 for a replacement.
  14. Still, it's encouraging that they were careful not to spend too much money on it. I mean, it only cost £400,000. A bargain I'd say. : :cheers:
  15. Thanks a lot for all the replies and for the very balanced feedback. I should have said at the outset that I fully realise that any decision is down to me and I have to take responsibility for whatever I decide. If we were to proceed we would not be planning to live aboard or CC. The boat would purely be for recreation and pleasure. If I buy it won't be a new boat but I'd like to get something only a few years old and in nice condition. I recognise the need to tinker and maintain but buying a boat to spend all my waking hours working on doesn't appeal to me at all. Before participating on these forums I'd already understood (to a degree) some of the things I needed to consider but being on here has opened my eyes to quite a few things I hadn't considered. My only boating (under power) experience has been on the Canal du Midi where we had a great time. I do understand the water fairly well as I used to be a competitive racing kayaker and occasional slalomer. I fully recognise the need to spend some time hiring a nb in England. At the end of the day any financial outlay would be considerable (in our terms anyway) and would take a reasonable percentage of our available capital. I'm now retired (early) but my wife still works. In the short term we would use weekends and holidays. Once my wife retired longer trips would be in order. Anyway... thanks again... just trying to balance things in my mind. Derek
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