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  1. 3 hours ago, Mad Harold said:

    Or upper or lower Peeover Sth Yorks.or is it Notts.

    Uncouth Road in Rochdale.

    Burstwick E Yorks.


    Two composers,Samuel Scheidt and Fux.

    The list of double meaning names and places is endless.

    It is all a load of rubbish.


    Samuel Scheidt had a brother, Gottfried, who was also a composer. I found that out completely by accident,  earlier today.


  2. On 17/09/2021 at 07:06, blackrose said:

    The bitumen certified as water potable is also the same but it's just been tested so it's more expensive. 


    I'm prepared to pay for the test that says it won't harm me.

    3 hours ago, MtB said:

    But surely the point about these cats is they are simultaneously both dead and alive.


    No, they aren't there at all until you look.


  3. 18 minutes ago, haggis said:

    >> It may have helped that at no time was I complaining, I was just trying to get info 🙂 


    It's usually the case that being polite and friendly gets far better service. Experience suggests that there is never much point in getting someone's back up when they are in a position of any authority.




    I sometimes wonder if that's really the problem with volockies.

  4. 7 hours ago, agg221 said:

    I suppose it's like a lot of other businesses - if you make widgets then the IT department or payroll or whatever may have no idea about those widgets - they don't need to on the face of it to do their job.


    In good (ie well-run) businesses the whole staff knows what the company does, and they can be proud of it.




    5 hours ago, magpie patrick said:

    I'm surprised CRT don't do the same and start with "we run an interconnected system of canals..." - it wouldn't be hard, just a map on an office wall and tell everyone that a boat on a canal on that map can reach any other canal on that map without the need of a crane - perhaps they do, and people just forget? 


    Perhaps they know even better than us boaters how impracticable that would turn out to be, what with maintenance and unforeseen stoppages?


  5. On 12/09/2021 at 20:22, enigmatic said:

    Looks like it's just condensation to me, below the portholes where it runs off the metal frame and on the ceiling of a bathroom where someone showers without having the windows open. Does spoil the appearance a little, but difficult to keep window surrounds and bathrooms bone dry for 23 winters


    I'm not saying you are wrong, but it is quite possible for there to be a sneaky leak from a porthole which is taken for condensation.

    Don't bother to ask me how I know ...


  6. 1 hour ago, PaulJ said:

    >> walkthrough bathroom up at the back end. Cant beat them for space.

    Handy for stripping off wet weather gear (presuming you boat all weathers) and allows access to all the other cabins when in use.<<


    Good point, but I've never seen one.

    Still a PITA if one of the doors is left locked though.

  7. 1 hour ago, Phil. said:

    As above I would go for the trad stern, otherwise you will always have a wet oily engine bay, not nice, and with a trad, you service it in the dry during the winter. Regarding the bathroom, do you really want a walkthrough, they give you more space but how much time really do you spend in it. Having the bathroom to one side allows people to pass through the boat, even when someone is indisposed as will occasionally happen if you have a bad curry.


    Disagree about the trad stern but it's probably a matter of taste more than anything: there are pros and cons to any stern design,

    I wholeheartedly agree about the walk-through bathroom. Our first boat had one. It's not unknown for some idiot to forget to unlock both doors after using a Jack & Jill affair. You don't need full width for a shower (over a hip bath), a sink and a bog.






  8. I can answer the OP's question, as set out in the thread title, in one word.






    2 minutes ago, northern said:

    I've had 2 surveys on boats this year and have backed out of all of them due to issues found.  It's massively disheartening, never mind the cost!  


    The surveyor I've been using I think has taken pity on me.  After the last survey he's spent a great deal of time showing me exactly what to look for, hence finding what I found today.  I was on the boat for almost 2 hours, lifting/pulling out/inspecting just about everything possible.  The damp meter and super bright torch he recommended and his advice have already paid off with what I found on this boat.



    His fees were a very worthwhile investment, then. You have saved yourself thousands of pounds worth of mither and headaches.



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  9. 4 hours ago, The Happy Nomad said:


    The problem with nav lights on Narrowboats is that it is pretty well impossible to fit them in a way that complies with the regulations. Just plonking them on the cabin as builders normally doesnt.


    Technically according to the bye laws we were suposed to have them on the North Eastern waterways like The A&C and NJC but we never had them, not many did.


    Our boat came with them on the front corners of the cabin. There are now no bulbs in them, but they look OK.

  10. We had a full professional paint job eight years ago. The only serious problem is on the catch, which was new timber. Steelwork is looking a bit tired but it's keeping the tinworm at bay. 


    I'm glad I followed the painter's advice by not going for too dark a shade of blue. It's faded a bit but at least it hasn't turned purple.

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  11. Just worth saying -- it's a canal forum, not just a boating forum. I'm sure lots of members are aspiring boat owners, besides the boaters, ex-owners and other waterway users/enjoyed.


    Sorry if that is veering :offtopic:.






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