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  1. Mind you, it's by no means the only sensationalist inaccurate rag.


    Many years ago, I was about to fly to a West African country to see my girlfriend (now my wife). A week before my departure date there was a report in a quality Sunday newspaper about the capital's Airport being closed.


    My flight took place as advertised (thank you British Caledonian), and I found out when I got there that the airport's main runway had indeed been closed  --  for three hours on a Sunday, so that a part of it could be resurfaced.








    1 minute ago, magnetman said:

    I never read what others write due to vision ossues. 


    How can you tell that their writing was caused by vision issues? (To say nothing of ossues).




  2. 15 hours ago, MtB said:

    The problem with salt is it causes high blood pressure, a symptomless disorder that causes heart attacks. AIUI.


    If one's BP is well controlled, there is no problem with scoffing delicious salt. 




    One way of controlling BP is to keep your sodium intake down. 


    You have just answered the question yourself. 


    However, since it's cooking salt the OP has problems with, why does it needs to be granular at all? A chunk of clagged-together NaCl will still dissolve in the cooking water or the sauce.





  3. 6 hours ago, magnetman said:

    The joys of single-use boats.



    Yup. Those orange things aren't lifeboats. They are TEOSCs. The "O" is a clue: it stands for "offshore".



    They were never designed to go anywhere other than few hundred metres away from an offshore installation in an emergency.




  4. 4 hours ago, Tony Brooks said:

    Buy a starting or dual-purpose battery of the same size and with the same terminal layout.


    Remove ignition key, turn off engine battery master switch, remove the NEGATIVE terminal first, then the positive. Refit in the reverse order.


    Clean up the battery clamp surfaces and dress with Vaseline before fitting the terminals to the new battery.


    This is exactly what I've done twice (two different boats) and it's perfectly possible for an amateur. Take care and proceed slowly. It's a good idea to cover all the other batterys' terminals with something non-conducting, like an old dry towel.



    Sorry Tony, I'm not telling you what to do, just agreeing!




  5. 3 minutes ago, jonathanA said:

    ...be interesting to see some figures for how much difference this ban will actually make a bit like ULEZ zones  - more about being seen to do something i suspect... (and stealth taxes)


    Starfish on the beach.


    We can either blanket-ban something, or take it one step at a time. The trouble with the latter approach is that many people think the early stages should involve everybody else, provided that it's not them.






  6. 17 hours ago, IanD said:

    And as I keep repeating ad infinitum, it doesn't -- but it does correctly predict speed in deep water, which includes the Ribble Link and the Trent.


    There seem to be several posters who don't understand what an engineering approximation is.



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  7. 5 hours ago, Sea Dog said:

    Coal boat Halsall has now had to cancel their trip south with deliveries being rescheduled by van or cancelled, so I'm guessing this is no longer the case. 


    How specialist is this boat that a temporary replacement can't be used?


    Perhaps the temporary replacement rescue boat is at the wrong end of the tunnel? 



  8. 1 hour ago, MtB said:




    From now until about Jan 1st, I suspect boat sales collapse and people's minds turn to Xmas and buyers evaporate into the ether.


    I think around Dec 15th is the right time to put in a lowball offer to a seller puzzled why their boat hasn't sold, with a good chance of it being accepted. It certainly works this way with houses in my experience.


    It worked when we bought our boat, back in 2006.



  9. Same idea as with a used car. One with a high mileage, but has been properly serviced, is a better proposition than one with half the miles which has been neglected. 



    Having had personal (but anecdotal!) experience of Vetus, BMC, Nanni and Beta (43) I'd go for Beta every time.


    Its base engine is a Kubota as used in small tractors, and pretty well unbreakable.



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