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  1. We have an open fire in the front room in the house. The grate is hugeous but we've had the same two half bricks at the sides to restrict the coal consumption for at least 15 years -- just ornery Cheshire Commons. They haven't even split, let alone exploded.



  2. 2 hours ago, blackrose said:


    Why isn't there an access hole in the body with a snap on cover that you can use to gain access to the knob for just such occurrences?




    I'm not familiar with Thetford cassettes, but it seems to me that if there were such a cover, it wouldn't snap open when you needed it to, but would snap open at the most inconvenient moment, such as when it was directly above an Elsan disposal drain hole, or being carried to one...


    Murphy's Law applies.



    2 hours ago, blackrose said:

    >> there's something preventing that knob from turning. <<




    Bluebottle: "Turn the knob on your side!"

    Eccles: "I haven't got a knob on my side..."




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  3. 18 hours ago, MtB said:

    "You simply cannot believe everything on the internet."


    ~ Abraham Lincoln ~


    Tinternet is like a newspaper. Half of what you read isn't true. Trouble is, you don't know which half. 



    1 hour ago, Higgs said:


    The government is not a private concern. It cannot detach itself from its place in society. The contributors to that are the taxpayer. 




    Funny, that's exactly what the tories have been doing since 2010.

  4. On 12/11/2022 at 16:58, Naughty Cal said:

    Our alternative was a nice lump of venison we have in the freezer. That can be for new years dinner instead now.


    Mmmmm, roasted Bambi!



    1 hour ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    Housing the birds does not stop them catching flu - it can be simply bought into the sheds by (say) an infected sparrow finding its way in.


    Our neighbour has just had to slaughter 35,000 birds, all of which were locked up in sheds


    But t least those 35,000 birds didn't spread avian flu to anywhere else. Our "free range" hens haven't been allowed out of their enclosure into the garden for over 18 months now.




  5. 3 hours ago, Bee said:

    Speaking as a bloke I reckon about a carload each. Seriously though my wife and I spend 3 months a year on our small boat in France and just take a weeks worth of jeans and T shirts that we wash as and when we can. For me I just have a couple of pairs of jeans for a week and a T shirt a day plus one decent pullover and an old anorak for rainy days. As for socks and things for me just a clean pair for every day. As for the ladies frilly things I have no idea whatsoever. You could probably reduce that even more with a bit of handwashing. Have a nice time, not many of us visit those canals as they are separate from the main system.


    If the weather was reliably hot you wouldn't even need all those socks!



  6. 18mm hexaboard is the stuff. We used it on our cruiser stern nearly ten years ago, and it's still going strong. 


    Health warning: it's cringingly expensive -- about £132 for a 2500mm by 1250mm sheet. Best to get it cut professionally. 


  7. On 29/10/2022 at 11:54, haggis said:

    We obviously never met as I often told other boaters that it was a shared boat. Not all our fellow sharers were so inclined and I remember arguing with another boater that we hadn't just bought xxx s boat. The other boater had been in the company of the other owner the week before and had been told that it was their boat. Which I suppose in a way it was. 


    Gongoozler: "Is this your boat?"


    Share owner: "Yes, just under five feet of it". 





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  8. 2 hours ago, blackrose said:

    Last year I bought a tonne of smokeless for £288 delivered. That's £7.20 for 25kg bag. This year the same coal from the same supplier was £499 which is about £12.50/bag. That was back in August. I thought it was expensive at the time but compared to some of the prices I'm seeing here it seems like it was still a good deal.


    Supertherm £17.50 per 25kg bag from my coal merchant (free delivery).


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  9. On 16/10/2022 at 15:05, robtheplod said:

    we like to keep all tanks as low as possible in winter (we are not liveaboards) so often run out


    Translation: "we like to keep our water tanks too low".

    Perhaps try keeping them as low as practicable, all things considered, which is a different level? 



    On 16/10/2022 at 15:05, robtheplod said:

    "unnecessary complication" is also my middle name... :)


    "KISS" is mine. 


    Keep It Simple, Stupid.



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  10. One of the first things my last BSS inspector did was to look at the back of the CO alarms to see whether the little boat icon had been crossed out. Fortunately, it hadn't, but apparently it often is. 


    Boat icon crossed out = deemed unsuitable for marine use. I have no idea why. 





  11. On 29/09/2022 at 13:14, alias said:


    Surprised no one has mentioned clove hitches which can be useful in some circumstances.


    On 29/09/2022 at 13:15, ditchcrawler said:

    Something I never use


    Quite right too. The clove hitch has two major shortcomings: it slips when you want it to stay put, and it jams when you want to undo it.


    There's always a better knot (or hitch, or bend) to use on a boat.



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