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  1. On 26/05/2022 at 10:58, DShK said:

    Okay thanks, that helps a lot. I'll give that a go. And report back.


    Good point, just checked - it was installed 2019 and says replace after 10 years. So should be fine I imagine.


    Ask yourself one question. Would you prefer an alarm that gave a few false positives, or one that gave a single false negative? 



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  2. 5 hours ago, Thames Bhaji said:

    Me too, and I didn’t know that the river version of the ‘polite bip’ was ‘one long blast’. I think that might be lost in translation for the average river user who would actually hear ‘get out of the bleeding way’. I may stick to intuition on that one!


    In the OP's position, wouldn't the appropriate horn signal have been a Morse 'U'?



  3. The thing that amazes me is that anyone is surprised by propane prices. Domestic gas has pretty much doubled in price over the last several months, and diesel has gone up by 50%. 


    The reality is, if you want it, you have to pay the going rate. 


    As for refilling cylinders, how does anyone know that the cylinder and the gubbins on top are working properly, if they are not a trained technician? 

  4. 18 hours ago, Cheshire cat said:

    The chalk boards were wiped clean.


    Well, I s'pose that was a start.



    2 hours ago, Hudds Lad said:

    Problem with any inspector is they are employed to find things, so inevitably they do as it justifies their existence


    The things have to be there in the first place, or the inspector won't find them.



    5 hours ago, mrsmelly said:

    Not in England.


    Most food outlets around here do display their ratings.




  5. The "press release" was rendered more "authentic" by the typoes and poor grammar.

    The past tense of "to lead" is not spelt like the metal.


    4 hours ago, Jen-in-Wellies said:

    >> April Blague <<


    And there was the huge clue ...

    ... except she should probably have been called Avril.

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  6. By my observation a lot of residential boats in the NW are "under the radar", but they live in marinas. Provided the boats go out and cruise every so often. nobody notices and nobody cares. 


    Long may it so continue.


    As Mrsmelly said earlier ... who wants to go near that London on a boat? There are lots of trains that will get you out of the city much more quickly!




    2 hours ago, BWM said:

    From my experience i believe the balance is tipping towards the bad/unreasonable/thoughtless growing in numbers. 


    That is true of life generally. Blame social meejah.



  7. 1 minute ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    Snow for Wednesday (North of Hull)


    Not on this side of the Pennines. A light snowfall tends can take quite a lot of muck off a car parked outside, though!


  8. On 21/03/2022 at 13:10, alias said:

    Do many people view the forum by "category" rather than by new content (with whatever categories that they don't want filtered out), or using a search for a specific query?   


    I'm definitely in the "rather than" group.


    3 hours ago, Rivelin said:

    You know what, forget it.


    This forum has a minority of miserable old gits and nay-sayers that seem to get some sort of satisfaction from spoiling it for everyone else.




    "Spoiling it" ... translation: "Discussing it, especially when stating viewpoints with which I disagree".



    If you want an environmentally friendly leisure activity, try walking or cycling.

    You can even do them on a canal towing path.

  9. 1 hour ago, Loddon said:

    Yes they do but from a distance for rinsing, not real close up. Plus a pre wash and then a foam wash. For me £5 is worth it 😁


    Who runs these places now? It always used to be Eastern European casual labour, employed by small-time drugs money launderers.


    Or so I was told.



    I have just cleaned my car windows, inside and out, and hoovered (well, Henry'd) the inside. No point in washing or polishing the paintwork, given that rain is on its way.



  10. 10 hours ago, Heartland said:

    Yes Manchester does have trams that work, in Brum the curse of a spanish tram builder has led to their withdrawl yet again. We used to build trams in Birmingham !


    As to the orchestra I believe CBSO is equal to that in Manchester.


    Football again id seemingly divided between London, Manchester and Liverpool, at Wolves there is only that team that might compete,




    Orchestras? CBSO were good when Rattle was there, but nowadays no match for t'Halle Band under Elder. The BBC Phil, I grant you, could improve!


    If we are talking round-ball football, keep your eye on Stockport County!



  11. 46 minutes ago, Heartland said:

    Manchester a First City ? Well there was a time in 1845 when it was considered as so. The London & Manchester Direct Railway was promoted to serve these places and the publicity placed Manchester as the "first city". Then that railway scheme failed at the standing orders stage. May be the golden days of Manchester and Salford were over ?


    It still is. We have trams, two world-class football teams, a Premiership rugby team, progressive politics, the busiest airport outside London, the best orchestra in the country, a superb concert Hall, and the best beer in the world.


    Birmingham's OK though.



  12. 51 minutes ago, Dav and Pen said:

    Don’t think a narrow boat will do 20 knots.

    Best diesel price we ever had was from a bunker boat in Antwerp for our barge 11 euro cents liter. He booked it to a big ship which he had just fueled up and pocketed our cash.


    ...when you stole it. Or, strictly speaking, when somebody stole it for you.




  13. We had two windows (coach type windows, glass only) replaced on site by a tractor cab glazing company, some years ago. It did the job for the time being, but there was a small leak in one frame presumably because of distortion.


    It wasn't an insurance job, but as far as I remember it wasn't ridiculously expensive.


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