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  1. That's really interesting cheers! Not sure we've got enough space on our roof but it's cool to see different options!
  2. That's quite interesting actually. I've basically written the unit off because of all the terrible things I've read about it consuming a £38 bottle of gas in 3 days, but I've not actually tested it myself. If it's not actually that bad if we'll managed (quite happy to turn it on and off as required, definitely don't need a system that can run in standby all day and night) maybe I should just get it running properly and save myself the ordeal of getting a new system installed!
  3. Will definitely buy a proven brand whatever we choose, we're not loaded but understand the value of buying decent kit! ??
  4. I definitely need to go through and check the plumbing more thoroughly, I might have missed something obvious! My solar installation is coming with a Victron Smart Battery Sense so should be able to keep a relatively close eye on state of charge when they're installed ? I'm not massively keen on lighting the stove when it's already 30°C onboard though... ?
  5. Hmm, the stat is all the way up but it only goes up to 30 and the boat feels like it's probably close to that a lot of the time at this time of year! ? It sounds like the pump is running though. I wonder if there is some other issue or valve I've missed that's stopping the water circulating into the calorifier. I'm aware of the reliability issues with a lot of the diesel heaters, and also the rearranging of the utility area of the boat I'm going to have to do to swap the tall thin Alde for one, so I'm definitely keen to thoroughly explore all alternatives before I take the plunge! But keeping the Alde doesn't seem like the best idea right now, we can't afford the gas to run it to heat the radiators so if we're not using them they're a pretty big waste of space too! ?
  6. We tried all sorts of combinations, including no radiators on and just the bathroom (which seems to be on the same loop as the calorifier). The water got tepid after an, hour or so but not decently warm for a winter shower! We're getting 640W of solar and our elextrical demands are modest, 12v fridge and maybe a couple of hours of TV in the evening, the usual pumps and LED lights throughout.
  7. Hiya! We finally left the marina which the boat was moored in when we bought her last July and have been continously cruising for the last couple of months now. We're also getting our solar panels installed at the end of July. After this point won't be be running the engine for 90 to 120mins a day to charge the batteries on days that we don't move, at least in the summer months! This means we won't have the daily injection of hot water into the calorifier, which other than the 1.25kW immersion (not viable to use without shoreline!) is our only source of hot water at the moment. On the boat we also have an Alde boiler (the tall thin kind) which does work to heat the 4 radiators, albeit in a prohibitively expensive fashion, but does absolutely nothing to heat the water despite seemingly being plumbed into the calorifier. I think I'd like to remove this completely eventually. So what are my options for a secondary hot water source? Removing the Alde and replacing with a diesel heater seems like a reasonable idea, could also use it to heat the radiators (we might actually use them if the fuel costs were lower!). I also thought I could maybe install a small on-demand gas water heater, there is a good location for this on the wall between the galley and bathroom, so near all the hot water taps, and the gas pipe to the Alde passes through the same spot. But would it be possible to plumb this is in without losing the calorifier as a hot water source? The radiators would remain unused in this scenario as well. I've also read about solar dump loads or 12v immersions in the calorifier, perhaps this is an option too? I wouldn't want to remove the 240v immersion in the calorifier presently though, since it is very useful if we end up back in a marina for any length of time! Anyone got any thoughts on what our best options might be? Or any ideas we might have missed? Thanks in advance!
  8. They're bolted to the hull so perhaps this is famous last words but I'm hopeful I can just unscrew them! ?
  9. Yep, there is a decent lip up to the stern doors and the recessed part of the deck is cambered and without an inspection hatch (which makes the weed hatch a hilarious contortionist act to access but with the benefit of a basically rust free engine bay).
  10. That's a cool idea! Will definitely give this some thought!
  11. https://i.imgur.com/c3wLWIf.jpg We're pondering the idea of removing the suicide seats from our newish-to-us boat. We know not to use them for sitting on whilst steering, and they're definitely a hindrance to us when jumping on and off the boat with a centre line whilst mooring etc. But we're not sure if we'd miss them as a sort of handrail, something to grab onto and the fact they provide a bit of protection from falling off the back of the boat. What's everyone's opinion? Also, if we do decide to remove them, what's the best way to fill in the bolt holes?
  12. Nah I mean that I whipped the main rope before I tied the crown knot. The individual strands just got a healthy dose of butane torch because its that fake hemp rope from Tradline (which actually feels pretty nice in my uneducated opinion).
  13. Hi all! So I spent a bit of time this weekend learning how to back splice ropes and doing all four of Tallymae's new ropes in the process. I actually feel like it went pretty well, but one thing I was unsure about was whether to remove the whipping I used to secure the strands before tying the crown knot. I kept the whipping on two and removed it on two, but one of the two I removed it on ended up very loose and I had to unravel it and start again. I'm not sure if it was just bad technique or whether you should just leave the whipping anyway? Also I'd love to hear all your opinions about why I should or shouldn't have back spliced my ropes in the first place! ? Let's go!
  14. I've already watched all of them so clicked this thread to post them, but seems like I've been beaten to it! (mostly just replying to this thread to get notifications, since I'll be looking at doing this to my boat in the spring ? )
  15. They were! That photo was taken before we bought the boat. The cupboard with all this in is nice and clean now and I intend to keep it that way (famous last words). Here are two more seemingly meaningless images to help explain where things are a bit! https://imgur.com/a/YWjQNZf The picture of the bedroom is just to show where I was stood (facing towards the port side) to take the picture looking into the cupboard, between the bedroom and the steps up to the stern deck. The cupboard door swings open to close off the aft cabin from the bedroom at night. Looking into the cupboard (which is L shaped towards the stern). the domestic battery box is to the left behind the twin tub washer, on a slightly raised plinth. everything else is above the battery box on the left hand side around that corner, apart from the 12V breaker which is above the ironing board just inside the cupboard door on the right, and the inverter, which is opposite that on the left hand side just inside the cupboard door. I think a lot of the wiring you can see behind the 220V consumer unit is the back of the instrument panel up on the stern deck, where both the domestic and starter battery isolators also are, down by the floor. I really need to take my proper camera with a really wide angle lens to get everything in one shot!
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