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  1. They're bolted to the hull so perhaps this is famous last words but I'm hopeful I can just unscrew them! 😂
  2. Yep, there is a decent lip up to the stern doors and the recessed part of the deck is cambered and without an inspection hatch (which makes the weed hatch a hilarious contortionist act to access but with the benefit of a basically rust free engine bay).
  3. That's a cool idea! Will definitely give this some thought!
  4. https://i.imgur.com/c3wLWIf.jpg We're pondering the idea of removing the suicide seats from our newish-to-us boat. We know not to use them for sitting on whilst steering, and they're definitely a hindrance to us when jumping on and off the boat with a centre line whilst mooring etc. But we're not sure if we'd miss them as a sort of handrail, something to grab onto and the fact they provide a bit of protection from falling off the back of the boat. What's everyone's opinion? Also, if we do decide to remove them, what's the best way to fill in the bolt holes?
  5. Nah I mean that I whipped the main rope before I tied the crown knot. The individual strands just got a healthy dose of butane torch because its that fake hemp rope from Tradline (which actually feels pretty nice in my uneducated opinion).
  6. Hi all! So I spent a bit of time this weekend learning how to back splice ropes and doing all four of Tallymae's new ropes in the process. I actually feel like it went pretty well, but one thing I was unsure about was whether to remove the whipping I used to secure the strands before tying the crown knot. I kept the whipping on two and removed it on two, but one of the two I removed it on ended up very loose and I had to unravel it and start again. I'm not sure if it was just bad technique or whether you should just leave the whipping anyway? Also I'd love to hear all
  7. I've already watched all of them so clicked this thread to post them, but seems like I've been beaten to it! (mostly just replying to this thread to get notifications, since I'll be looking at doing this to my boat in the spring 😛 )
  8. They were! That photo was taken before we bought the boat. The cupboard with all this in is nice and clean now and I intend to keep it that way (famous last words). Here are two more seemingly meaningless images to help explain where things are a bit! https://imgur.com/a/YWjQNZf The picture of the bedroom is just to show where I was stood (facing towards the port side) to take the picture looking into the cupboard, between the bedroom and the steps up to the stern deck. The cupboard door swings open to close off the aft cabin from the bedroom at night. Looking into t
  9. I should probably point out that I'm currently in Cambridge and the boat is moored in London. We're trying to finish up work commitments, sell all our belongings etc, with a view to us moving on to the boat towards the end of September, which is when I'll be free full time to begin to properly understand what's going on. So it's going to be a while before I can do what you suggest - which I'm absolutely keen to do - as I said in the intro thread I've got some savings and am planning to give myself a year to become boat savvy before deciding if and how we want to make living aboard our life.
  10. Yeah I get that it's just for selecting what the alternator is doing rather than the batteries (I believe this is also what the OP of the other thread I linked to has too) and I'm definitely keen to get rid ASAP! Just keen to make sure I'm using it in the best way possible until we can get it swapped out (for a VSR by the sounds of the advice on here, just need to find one that is future proof for when we add the second alternator and solar). Logically I would have thought that leaving it in OFF when the engine is NOT running would make sense, but the other thread seems to suggest it should be
  11. To turn this back to the first post a little bit, I found this old thread on here from someone who appears to have the same setup: The thing I'm now unsure about is that the OP says they leave the switch in the leisure battery position when the engine is not running, but a couple of subsequent posts suggests it should be in the OFF position (which is how I left mine when I left the boat on Sunday). Which would you say is the correct position, and is there a danger to leaving it in the wrong position when the engine is not running?
  12. The boat currently has 4x 100Ah Yuasa M31-100S sealed lead acid batteries, not sure of the age or condition of them yet as we've not started using them in anger! So replacing / upgrading them is potentially on the cards at some point. Not sure how much money I'm going to end up throwing at electrics on the boat just yet. We don't have solar either and I was planning to wait until the spring for that (seems silly to buy now when we won't use it to its maximum potential for several months and the current tech may be cheaper next year?), so I might just try to live with what we've got this winter
  13. So I've been lurking here for nearly a year, initially trying to decide whether buying a boat was the right thing for us. But since I've now bought a boat and started asking questions elsewhere on the forum, I thought I should introduce myself! Our plan is to sell all our land-based stuff and move aboard in the next couple of months, and then to live off some of our savings whilst continuously cruising for a good few months. At least whilst we figure out if it really is what we want to do, and if so how to make it sustainable. I'm a digital artist by trade so freelance/contract work will alway
  14. So the boat currently has a Sterling 1500W inverter which I believe is as old as the boat itself (15 years). I've not tried using it yet but when we do, it's only going to be for evening entertainment etc, no plans for a washing machine or other similar high powered electrics! Going to try to embrace the 12V lifestyle as much as we can As with all these things, trying to find the answer to a question instead creates more questions! It sounds like the best option would be to get a new regulator / controller that allows us to combine the alternators to charge the leisure batteries,
  15. Yes, there are 2 separate isolators for the starter and leisure batteries. I would assume they are wired in a BSS compliant way, since it passed not more than weeks ago! That was the plan, but if it's possible to run both alternators (of differing sizes) in parallel, that does seem to make sense. I believe the boat was originally fitted with a split charge relay which caught fire, hence the previous owner removing it and installing the rotary switch! He was adamant that a relay was a bad idea, but perhaps a more recent one is going to be safer... Thanks for this i
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