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  1. I think the point was that sadly some views we may wish to be things of the past are still prevalent amongst some of the younger generation. Edited to add: (You mentioned a chap with 'old school' core beliefs)
  2. Oh, for goodness sake (directed at thread in general)... Have just looked at the boat (seems well looked after internally :-)). The boat already has heterosexual (and entirely 2-person specific) paint. Unless OP wants to be mistaken for one half of a hetero couple, neither of whom he shares a name with, he is gonna have to have that panel repainted anyway.
  3. Or London. Or Cambridge. Or Oxford. Or Hebden. Or... My (very limited) experience is of open tolerance/celebration. (I struggle to explain to munchkins why we 'need' Pride and, frankly, in places I'm likely to spend significant amounts of time moored up we're kind of 'over' the need for things like OP's boat name). But I'm sure you have genuine experience of other things. I've visited the provinces! OP's boat name is probably most social 'use' (not that it has to be, we can name them to please ourselves!) in places where ppl are smart enough to 'get it', like to think they're 'cool with it' but secretly feel uncomfortable and could do with it being 'normalised'. It is possibly a danger to him in some other places. But he seems set on CC-ing outside London so I wish him all the best. Edited to add: it is often the silly/brave sticking their heads above the parapet who bring about social change, at some cost to themselves on occasion, but, often in hindsight, benefit to others. Edited again to add: I do actually like lots of bits of the UK. I just notice London gets a hard time on here so over compensate, mostly light heartedly.
  4. It was a joke. Just trying to lighten the mood a little. I'm sure most of the forum would be perfectly fine with my new white paint.
  5. In defence of dinosaurs... Nicholas Parsons (RILightHumour) would have made that joke. In a R4-friendly way.
  6. I thought some steel boats had negative scrap value at times? As in 'cost more to get it docked somewhere and take to bits than said bits are worth'?
  7. Unless it is a (formerly tatty looking) grey widebeam (with no recent hull survey) painted white on the inside... in which case the whole forum can join in glorious harmony roundly condemning the colour scheme/boat as a whole as 'London' and peace will reign on the forum for seconds at a time. :-)
  8. @Parahandy. There was someone posting as a single middle aged heterosexual woman recently. And yes, I for one, did think it a little bit 'troll' ish to make such a fuss about her relationship status/intentions and appearance. Some of the 'later middle aged' men flocked to prove how feminist / supportive etc they were and it was slightly icky (they are 'my' nearly dead white heterosexual men and here to give _me_ advice on boat maintenance not actually be multifaceted human beings who enjoy a bit of armchair flirting on occasion!) Plenty of hetero ppl mention their other half's on here. Including in signatures (there is one I saw recently about someone falling asleep drunk and their gf editing it - it is a lightly amusing joke, same as OP's [edited to add, I read it as hetero ppl making more gay ones by reproducing, not 'turning' straight ppl gay] This poster on the other hand I think I've only given a hard time about silly app buying intentions (OP you really won't need one!) because that is what he's asked about. And at least he's actually got a boat and been asking genuinely boat-related questions!
  9. For the boat to be an asset (regardless of it being a tool of trade) would it have to have a positive value?
  10. Welcome indeed! Re: the boat name... I have a mooring on a marina where the warden lives with his husband. The newest-but-us people to move on are two chaps renting their first home together. Our local pub has very 'liberated' caberet in the upstairs room. And there are semi-regular bbqs hosted by the local gay boaters Facebook group (of which I'm a member) about three marinas along the canal. This is in a metropolis mind. I rarely venture into The Provinces (although I really genuinely appreciate the advice and humour of the nearly dead straight white men on here) but there is a YouTube channel of a middle aged (presumably) gay couple in a boat called something like 'The Silver Foxes' who seem to cruise (that is a boating term) in all sorts of places. I've no idea what their reception is generally like but they do seem to keep doing it. Likewise the two wives who have a YouTube channel (altho I think they may be closer to a city?). Boats regularly have names tangentially referencing heterosexuality (wives and daughter's names, references to various kinds of 'Lady/Lass' and so forth). My new boat now has a unique name referencing something that means a lot to me (altho not who I do or don't get jiggy with) . Expressing yourself is healthy. Have fun xx
  11. I think these type of things you use 'doubled' through themselves whereas the ones above seem to be single loops (once on). So, literally just wriggle the ball part out of the eye thread through boat/chain and wriggle ball back through eye?
  12. In general, yes. And having the weak metal link I already mentioned I have and intend to keep attached to a soft rope shackle is going to be very nearly as safe as having it attached directly to the boat. Now, any clues as to how the rope ones work please?
  13. Mine are on with the things @MartinC mentions above - felt very proud of self for finding suitable option in very urban shopping centre! Once boat is painted this summer I do see the point of the rope ones (for non-metal:metal, I'd keep my stretchable ones too)... Daft Q: (how) do you open them to get them through loop on boat/in chain @Ray T? They look rather smart.
  14. This is not risk free because you have to give out your bank details. Different kind of risk, but definitely still exists. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2008/jan/07/personalfinancenews.scamsandfraud
  15. I'm confused as to how OP thinks anyone should pay for this car? Arrive to collect and pay by - PayPal (fees charged to couple unless fraudulent use of friend box or whatever it is called, potential for recall) - bank transfer (have to share account details) - cheque (bouncable) -... Couple could arrange for one of them to transfer car for cash at a branch of their bank and pay it straight in I guess? OP could buy them one of those 'scribble on to see if genuine' type pens?
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