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  1. well as you know it is for a customer so has normall just do as they ask I did wonder a shower might be better its something I can put to them but makes sense
  2. I was thinking in a cuboard but the bath that's going makes the waste out rite in the way
  3. the shower room as got one aswell half way up all I was thinking is there a better way to get waste out as it looks slighty unsightly ill get some pics for Saturday kitcken ones not a problem because its behind the work units and cant be seen but bathroom one will be seen unless some sort of boxing in is made thanks
  4. it ist I think that's why we just put it in that way but it is defentley worth lookin at again id like to think that the floor is going to be pretty level but surpose if it does just means changing thanks again will keep some posts comeing as moveing on doing more on the boat always intresting to see if from someone elses perspective just a quick question tho the waste for the sink and the bath im guessing they have to be pumped out of them waste holes drilled threw the hull surpose theres one good point from this can do the pots from out side now lol
  5. I hate to say it but your right guessing when the boats in the water now the water is going to just keep draining onto the worktop surpriseing what you learn thanks for the info will set to turn that round now thanks
  6. enough of tanks ive made my mind up not even going to attempt fitting cylinder now thanks for the advise but on another note the kitchen looks good don't it
  7. I find it a bit ironic how they have seemed to cover up all the details about the tank witch makes me suspect who ever fitted it may be tryin to cover something up I reckons its going to be more trouble then its worth
  8. intresting it does look like theres a 1 been stuck over the 3 I will pull that off on Saturday now and if theres a 3 behind it im just going to leave it to someone else because who ever fitted it is tryin to cover something up id say
  9. its says max working pressure is 3.5 think I have a better picture on here I think from your advise and what you have said Im going to take the route of just fitting all the rads up and hot and cold and were the tank sits in the eninge bay just let someone else to look at it ive got a feeling its going to cause more trouble then its worth and its not going to be nice for customer if its gos wrong at least I not be to blame sounds like people have had a few problems with doing theses be wise just to leave the tank for someone who nos more about them
  10. I have a feeling you might be right there as I cannont find it anywere as marine one but only as a domestic and to be honest the label looks like its just been stuck on with no care im in two minds weather just to plumb all the hot cold and rads up as they should be then leave it before it gets connteced to the tank and seek professianl advise whats yours thoughts
  11. well to be polite I no plenty about plumbing but unsure of weather to plumb this system in hence me getting proper advise depending on what I think ill eaither take the course weather to do it my self or get a plumber whos done this before but thanks for your concern the diagram of the cylinder is what telford can only match it up to its not the actual one they have shown only said its very simaler
  12. this is what telford have sent back on to the only one they could find this is what telford have sent back if that makes any sense
  13. would that mean the prv is being fitted to the cold feed of the tank and would it need a exspanstion vessal would it be good practice to fit one thanks
  14. would that mean the prv is being fitted to the cold feed of the tank and would it need a exspanstion vessal would it be good practice to fit one thanks
  15. yes it has I was thinking that I couldt get my head round it but who every built the boat has installed all this with no help on how to install the rest so would you say tap into the top with a tee and come off there for the hot thanks
  16. hi I am new to this site but after some help please I took on job fitting out a narrow boat for a customer and confused when it comes round to plumbing the calorifier in I have been researching the cylinder and so far I have got that it is a telford twin coil calorifier being feed from a webasto heater and also running off the engine I get the basics of how it works twin coils heating the tank up cold feed at bottom flow and return for central heating then I get confused to were the hot water is surpose to being comeing out please can someone help before I have an internal flood or melt down and maybe the best way to plumb this system up valves, expansion tanks, regulators etc I have uploaded the cylinder any diagrams of how things works makes more sense to me then technical terms many thanks
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