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  1. That's the Rev Richard Coles you're thinking of.
  2. Because its a couple of hundred kilos in weight and often structural for the car. Its not like you could take it out yourself - you'd need a forklift. For my purposes an EV would work just fine for 99% of days. Charge overnight and thats enough for the day. On the long trips - I'd need to stop for a coffee. It wouldn't be that tiresome.
  3. The truth hurts I guess doesn't it ? Why the hell was Cheltenham allowed to go ahead as Italy went into Lockdown ? Why have they lied about the EU ventilators scheme ? Why haven't our NHS got the resources they need to stay safe as they risk their lives battling this virus. Totally untrustworthy. Johnson was fired from what - two jobs for lying ? So who would think he would be a trustworthy PM? Anyone working to protect the public from this virus deserves protection. They aren't getting this yet. It is a shocking oversight.
  4. I'm thinking of chalking arrows on the pavement round by us for a one way system, much easier.
  5. It seems that the truth doesn't really matter now - look at the lies they told to get Brexit through. We elect liars and shouldn't be surprised when they carry on their lying ways. To the detriment of us all.
  6. People will only start paying attention when it's their own friends and family dying. But by then the virus will be so widespread. Do they think that turning the Excel exhibition centre into a hospital has been done lightly ? Jeez.
  7. Remind me how many millions we spent on the last failed id card scheme ? We won't have any cash left for non essential projects.
  8. Lots of boaters complaining about people passing them on the footpath ? Seems a house would be a better bet for self isolation ?
  9. cougie


    Lockdown like they have abroad will be coming. That might help things.
  10. Bloody scary. I've seen the cutoff is 60 in Italy and still people are treating this like it's a bank holiday. Off to the DIY shop for supplies. Nipping to the shop for some beers. Awful times ahead.
  11. Maybe going back to base ?
  12. Corbyn is a has been who failed multiple times. What's that got to do with Corona ? All of this is on Johnson's watch.
  13. Evidence needed for this. You're sounding like a crackpot now. I'd not be going on a shared boat at the moment. You're at the mercy of whoever has been on the boat - they won't necessarily know if they're infected or not. Why risk it ? If they have it - the upholstery will have the virus. Sure it's a pain when it's your holiday - but please do not mess around with this virus. Healthy 30 year olds are dying. If your house is a safe haven now - stay there. There will be holidays later on.
  14. Amazing. The death toll is rising and people are complaining about lost holidays.
  15. You're not blaming the NHS are you ? The cash strapped NHS that the Tories have reduced resources to for years ? I know nothing about the supply of oxygen - but I'm pretty sure that all of the suppliers will be going flat out as just about every country in the world needs supplies to a size never seen before. Maybe temporary supply will come on line but it depends on what kit and what lines you need to use. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
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