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  1. Hi yes injectors have been out and checked for correct pressure opening and spray pattern and type , , , the only other thing we were concerned about was injector copper washer size, books says .5 mm. But it had 1mm in before top was redone , due to the smoke issue as our mechanic thought it was glazed bores. , but seems that wasn’t the problem , as it still has smoke issues , we have gone back to .5 . mm , As I stated the head was skimmed and pressure tested , , it seems to me the problem is fuel or rather how it’s burned , ,
  2. Hi we have been running it for probably 9 months at weekends so I believe it’s run in , shim was damaged , and was not running right with just one shim , my feeler gauges have been set at same height , still grey smoke , ,
  3. Hi guys. Ruggerini rm 278 direct injection , the further saga of trying to get the boat running better , saga so far , top end rebuild inc new pistons ,liners and rings , , we thought maybe engine was running cold , however after water pump failed this was obviously not the case , . When engine was put back together the mechanic stated no timing marks anywhere , it’s timed by shims under injector pump , we have had injectors tested , pump tested , tank cleaned. , all filters new , at the moment I have the injector pump lifted on feeler gauges. There was one shim under the pump.5 mm height I would guess at , this has been removed and feeler gauges used to advance or retard timing by height , with no gauge in I assume fully advanced, . With no load and revved engine is quite clear of smoke . When running it has greyish smoke , not clouds but more than I would like , i with no marks ,how can I time this correctly ?
  4. Hi guys , we are thinking of an upgrade , we have a 45 ft boat , currently 2 cylinder engine , , 25 years old boat , keel cooled , it runs fine , maybe bit noisy , not as clean as it was ,,it vibrates as a 2 cylinder, we’re near lichfield , any suggestions as to new or recon with 12 ,month warranty. ,? 3 cylinder min ,, best make ? Advised h power . ? And where to get a quote , , ,
  5. It is a 25 year old marinised Italian tractor engine 1250 2 cylinder ,, we had the head stripped new liners and bores as my engine man said this was why it smoked. ,very pale blue /grey , even on tickover , so we are £2000 down and engine still smokes , , it is not real bad. But more than most boats I have seen , quite a strong smell, , chap from key diesel looked and though fuel issue as it runs good. Sounds good , we assumed it wasn’t burning the diesel due to low head temp , but with the water pump just failed and smoke still present this can’t be the case , as I said book says use .5 mm copper seals under injectors. , when we did strip , one side had a 1mm. Other. Two .5 mm. , we replaced with 1.5 mm , , , we still have light grey smoke on all revs and even tickover , I’ve altered timing several times and has no difference ,, someone else suggested a partially blocked car boned up exhaust , , we do have a bit of black soot on exhaust , as we have a90 degree bend pushed into outer exhaust hole to steer smoke away from rear of boat
  6. Hi tony . Sorry not been on here for a while , I’m back to square one at the moment , , yes I mean the copper washers the injector sits on , I have read that this height can drastically alter smoke amounts , , the book says use .5 mm washers. , , but we have 1.5 mm in now , however the head has been skimmed , , we thought was a temp problem but I don’t think so now , as the water pump just packed in and we ran for quite a while with no pump and still smoked. , any help appreciated ,
  7. Hi , cooling is via skin tank. Not raw , the woodruff key was broken , the pulley head was turning and shaft not turning , so alloy onto alloy and has worn part of shaft away , I think the water is just a flow from the expansion. Tank through engine and out through bearings failed seal , , as the stat is in the exhaust jacket it may be opening with exhaust heat rather than water temp , either way the engine is running cold with no cooling fan ,,
  8. Hi all , I’ve posted on here a while ago , got ruggerini rm278 2 cylinder , , we have had smoke issues. Not major but more than I’d like , we thought due to a temperature issue , the boat engine never gets more than 65 degrees hot , on its gauge and verified with digital gun, we clamped a hose to try to increase , last week water pump was throwing water out , today I have removed the pump and found the woodruff key was broken so it was spinning the pulley and not even pumping .stat checked and opens at 80 so my question is. Would not my engine get too hot in this case? im confused how water would be still coming out of pump bearings when not turning , any help appreciated ,
  9. Ant cole

    Ruggerini rm278

    Hi, we didn’t need compression tests as it has had new liners and piston rings , , I pulled the fuel pump off and all the shims , then put feeler gauges under it and ran it with different heights ,at this moment in time the smoke is ok when she’s warm , as the temp only seems to get to about 70 degrees. I’ve clamped a hose down a bit to limit water to get it to run hotter,,, we have been running like this since summer , as the fuel pump has no shims under ,slight oil from its mount but not major , , it’s usable , we still shut it off in locks. , but as a holiday weekend boat it’s ok , , we will probably upgrade the boat in about a year so don’t want to spend ££££ On new engine unless a real good cheap new one comes along, To be fair , it always starts good, and people seem to like the 2 cylinder pop pop , , ,, never a dull moment and always something to alter , Ant
  10. Hi guys. , on my ruggerini rm278 after a rebuild by a professional , my injectors had 2x .5 mm one side. And 1mm the other ! My book says use .5 mm. , , when I replaced the nozzles all the shop had was 1.5 , , so atm I have 2mmNot right I know , it’s running well but light grey smoke , .does anyone know what difference the size makes as to smoke ? . Will.5 give less unburned diesel which I appear to be getting ,,,,,. atm as we have no timing marks. I’m running with feeler gauges under the fuel pump to simulate shims till I get a sweet spot , not ideal but works , Cheers guys.
  11. Ant cole

    Ruggerini rm278

    Hi guys. , re last few posts. , we have had ongoing issues with smoke , at the moment we have changed injector nozzles , all clean fuel and at the moment the fuel pump is under trial with feeler gauges to shim it at different heights, Everything I read says advance timing , ie remove shims to advance to get less smoke , we have tried all shims removed and it was worse, , now we have .8 thou gap and it’s way better, , Our engine has no glow plugs , since altering timing we have to use hot air gun to warm manifold , so it’s a pig to start but runs ok , Its hunting a bit however , engine temp is about 57 degrees measured on digital device at top of manifold where temp sender is , ? Any ideas on temp or timing ? There are no timing marks on our pulley , it’s basically an Italian tractor engine ,
  12. Thanks , well. We’ve gone about as far as we can . I’ll see if key diesel can sort the smoke issue out,but I doubt they can , spent a lot of time and money on boat and got nowhere with the engine , it always starts and runs well , just the smoke issue , but to be honest we’re fed up , so I think time to sell ,
  13. Smoke is always there , worse under load . . Engine temp is good. , running. At 70 degrees at manifold , measured with digital gun , ,, when wind blows smoke back at us it’s nasty , not plumes of it , but you can see it against the water , after a few hours cruising I can feel it in my throat sort of , , we have been shutting engine off in locks , and now we only cruise local as I won’t take it out far, ,,as I said. Key diesel have had a look as a favour , who Rcr use to build engines , I’m awaiting their advice after sending them my manual info , ,boat goes great , sounds great , The rm278 is a de rated rd270. , the 270 is 28 bhp industrial tractor engine . The rm278 ,same engine but derated to 18bhp for marine use. , ,I do not know how they lower the bhp , as everything near identical apart from fuel pump it seems to me , the rd redlines at 3000 the rm redlines at 2000,
  14. We have had the injectors and pump serviced and tested. , all ok , but the pump for the rd278 is different than all the other models. , so if for example it has been changed for an rd270 pump in past it will be an incorrect delivery , yes we we have a manual , but even the mechanic who rebuilt it is confused by the manual , as he says. Sometimes things don’t translate well Italian to English , , spill timing looks like a very complex thing to me.
  15. Hi guys. , smoke latest ! After our engine rebuild we have still got smoke We have had the top rebuilt , so we are pretty sure it’s not oil , Key diesel have just had a look and agree with me it’s overfueling ,as it’s grey smoke ,smells ,and doesn’t clear after a good thrash . we are still running it in ,and now looks like either fuel pump timing is retarded ,or the fuel pump is the wrong type .its a bitch to alter timing as you can’t see it,and adjusted by shims ,ie. retard. Add shins. Advance remove shims. ,, as we believe it’s retarded. We have to remove shims ,, only appears to be one shim in , key diesel not come back with anymore suggestions as yet , When it’s tied up and rev it ,either under load or not we get grey smoke and a film of what appears to be diesel on the water from exhaust , we know all the colours of diesel smoke , etc. , but any advice welcome , There is a smoke screw on engine which alters amount of fuel delivered. When this is altered ,revs drop and smoke still there, so we presume it’s not the amount of fuel delivered , so we assume. It’s when it’s delivered, , ie....timing , . We have an engineering manual ,however appears to be no timing marks anywhere , Last ditch attempt to solve before we have to sell it , Ant
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