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  1. Thanks for all your replies everyone. I went away and did a lot more googling into the wee hours last night and have picked up a few snags about GRPs that I shall have a ponder on - the lack of heating being one and the difficulty handling being another (and one rather terrifying one about being prone to leaks which I hadn't really anticipated). I really need to get some experience with both a GRP and a Narrowboat before I decide. Think I will leave the one in Norfolk for now until I've done that but thanks for the surveyor tips.
  2. Thanks everyone - so last question for now - how do I find a surveyor and how do I find out if s/he has a good reputation? Also, are they accountable if something turns out to be not as they reported or is it all a bit of gamble? I've spent more on a campervan without getting a full check done but I'm familiar with how they work more or less - outboard engines, hulls - all totally new to me...
  3. I've gone to the sellers website and now it says 6'10" - YAY! Now to find out about surveys... Do surveyors check engines and electrics or just hulls?
  4. yes the one I found is in Norfolk Boat sales
  5. Yes I just found that! There's no date of manufacture listed in the ad but it's dead cheap and very retro looking inside. Does anybody know how much a survey would be for something like this? I'm assuming you can get surveys for them? I would have cash left over to do bits to it but don't want to waste money obviously and would want to get quotes for stuff first.
  6. Don't know, just going off the ad. It's tiny - only 22 ft. A Dawncraft 22 It's basically a caravan - but I've lived in vans much smaller!
  7. Right, I'm back after a bit of googling. I've found one I like the look of and can afford. However it is 7ft wide. I would be looking at traversing the narrowest routes on the network so would this be an issue? I read that some of the locks are subsiding which is why new boats are made to 6'10" Given my phobia of sinking I obviously don't want to risk getting wedged!
  8. Hi all, So I'm thinking of a small boat for leisure use to test out whether I want to invest my inheritance on a liveaboard in a few years time. As I haven't got my inheritance yet, my budget is not large. I have been looking at the lower end narrowboats but have a question. Is there any reason why I could not buy an Inland cruiser for the canals? Some of them seem to be made to fit (6'10" with low stern cabin) but I haven't seen any on the canal where I live. Obviously they are tiny, but they are also cheap and as all I really need is to test how I cope with the lifestyle, is this an idea I should toy with? What reasons are they NOT to buy one? For starters I'm thinking ones with a petrol engine is maybe not good as I don't know whether you can get this at fuel points? I'm not at all bothered about snob values or traditions etc - I'm way too old in the tooth for such things... Thanks, Meg
  9. It's not just the cill, also thinking of mooring fees and the fact it's only for me and not for liveaboard. I did wonder though whether I might find it difficult to control a larger boat, holding/moving with ropes when I'm on the bank etc- I'm a quite short woman of a certain age and not as strong as I used to be.
  10. Thanks all, I'm assuming then that there is no chance of the hatch popping off by accident? They screw down well do they? I'm 100% confident that I will not make a mistake or neglect the seal - I'm way too neurotic for that! One last thought - in answer to the possibility of gradual ingress and a dropping stern. When you pay to moor in a manned marina, do they undertake to keep an eye on this sort of thing and call you if they suspect a problem? Or is it totally down to you to regularly check a boat you've moored up for storage?
  11. Oh dear the long arms might be a problem as I'm only 5'4" and not freakishly proportioned...
  12. Yes I can understand that - I think if my boat was my home I'd be quite reluctant to do it unless I knew the other people really well.
  13. That reminds me of this: There are Known Knowns - the things we know we know There are Known Unknowns - the things we know we do not know There are Unknown Unknowns - the things we do not know we do not know And the one Rumsfeld missed out: There are Unknown Knowns - the things we know that we deny that we know Haha...
  14. I wonder do people ever do boat swaps? I wouldn't be able to afford holiday hire prices and I don't want to be limited to one canal - not to mention it's a really long way from where I want to be home based.
  15. Hahahaha! I've been walking up and down my hallway at home, trying to get a feel for the lack of space... When I get out of bed and walk around my bedroom I remind myself that there is not enough space to do this on a boat. Is it one of the things I think I may not be able to cope with, I guess time will tell. I plan not to liveaboard at first, I'm lucky that I can afford to keep my house and afford some mooring fees where I live. I'll give it a couple of seasons and then see how I get on. I have lived for short periods in vans, but only in good weather and it was some years ago before I got used to home comforts! Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you, Meg
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