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  1. One wheeler thanks for your post. Yes Godstow was "interesting"! Others who gave used Ox Cruisers, indeed, I know they are good mechanics, gave used them before. But, I have very def seen another side to them and I am afraid I would not be in a position now to recommend them.
  2. Will not! Was all arranged, but will not! I'll not go into the detail. Ad for phone no. Prob right, but its three now!
  3. I'm not going to call anyone a numpty! I'm thankful for any responses I can get in my situation!
  4. Hello boaters. I posted help needed to get my broken down boat to Oxford Cruisers, Eynsham on the Thames to get my seized engine replaced, as was an agreed job for them to do. A very kind chap said he would help, so that is where I am now, at Eynsham, since 4th September. However, I'm now out of the frying pan and into the fire because Oxford Cruisers say they will not help me now. OMG! So I now need to get myself up to the Trout near Lechlade for usual by annual winter crane out, already planned. They will be able to sort my engine during the winter. So, I need a kind person to h
  5. Thanks for posting... Engine seized. Can't get to a lock! Anyway sorted now. Kind guy picking me up on route to get blacked at Eynsham.
  6. Hi Tony, No do definately need to get to Eynsham. Engine is seized!!
  7. I dont know if anyone can help out a desperate boater on the Thames. Engine of my river cruiser (30 by 10,3) is dead. I need to get a tow from Abingdon Marina to Oxford Cruisers, Eynsham. Is any really kind person likely to be passing in the next coupe of weeks? Fuel and beer money assured! KRs Vanessa
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