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  1. OK, I am one of the silent majority who is being spoken for by everybody, so against my own better judgement I have decided to speak for myself. I have been a member of this CWDF for approximately ten years (not exactly sure, but around that) in that time it would be an exageration to say that I have read it every day but nearly every day is fair. In general I would agree that it is Daniels forum and he can implement any rules he likes but (in my opinion) if he wishes it to survive and prosper he needs to listen to what is being said. He has a rule that says people cannot come on his forum and use derogetary terms about others (ok paraphrased but thats what it means), but it is now apparently ok for him, his mods and one or two of the forums untouchable members to get together on facebook to slag of anybody one of the new mods dislikes. this would be bad form in a pub, but to do it online where there is a record of what has been said is not only disrespectfull to the forum membership as a whole it is monumentally stupid. and for the people concerned to now try to claim that it didn't happen or they had no part in it is in my opinion 'cowardice in the face of the enemy' at least two of the attendees showed some integrity and quit the site crew as a result of this meeting and they have my admiration, in my opinion this is the sort of person we want running this site. As I have spent a lot of time reading this forum I decided it was only right that I should contribute towards its upkeep (only a small but regular amount) as a direct result of the revelations in this thread this has now been cancelled, I will watch with interest if this forum improves towards its former self I shall reinstate this donation. Finally as one of the silent majority I object to the likes of Arthur marshall and Graham Davies claiming my support. I find myself in complete agreement with matty 40's the originator of this thread. Cheers, Mark.
  2. I'm a bit late reading this but I will also stand for £100. If you are serious Nigel P.M. me the information where to send it. Cheers, Mark.
  3. I just openned this thread because I thought it was about 3D printing. am I the only one so daft ?
  4. Try Alpha Batteries in rochdale, they supplied mine. As you seem to have figured out, they are eyewateringly expensive, my set cost me £240 for all the fittings pipe and pump to suit eight six volt batteries. if this helps me to keep on top of, and extend the life of £2000 worth of batteries it has probably paid for itself.
  5. Seconded ! The law is whatever the policeman says it is, they are all better than most criminals at bending the law to suit themselves. Every school bully goes on to become a police officer, the job attracts exactly the type of person who gets a kick out of bullying and intimidating people.
  6. My boat has been broken into three times when left on the tow path, each time by breaking a window ( last time two weeks ago). If I was to spec out another new boat it would have all 15" portholes and roof prisms.
  7. Happy birthday stuart, all the best. Hope all is well with both you.& val.
  8. sounds like a nursing manager of the stafford health service!
  9. I'd like to contribute too if someone tells me who or where to send it. ETA Sorry, I should have read the rest of the thread before posting.
  10. I may be out of line here ( I usually am!) but I see the hand of the two big organisations behind this, Cotswoldman and Jenlyn have achieved more in the last few months than the IWA and NABO together have done in the last decade. I think both organisations have been overshadowed and are just begining to realise that most boaters consider them irrelavent and so have complained about CaRT meeting boaters not repressented by recognised organisations. E.T.A. a missing word
  11. So it Seems! You might!
  12. Hi, Obviously we dissagree but what you have just said is that it is ok to have multiple random earth points all over the hull, my suggestion means that if your wiring is carefull the hull is protected whilst there is no illegal device between dodgy (live to earth short) appliance and the the N/E bond at the substation. Whilst I am not an electrician and make no claims for electrical expertise this seems much safer than deliberately interupting the earth integrity of the supply. I notice from your signature that you do claim electrical expetise so I have made my point and shall back out of this debate before sombody accuses me of endangering peoples lives.
  13. Hi, sorry for sticking my nose in where it is probably not wanted but I believe this position is incorrect for the GI, try this:- Shoreline Socket - RCD/MCB - Sockets | GI | Hull earth bond Hope this helps,
  14. Is there anywhere yet that I can view one of these maps ?
  15. I have been back and read the technical page again, there is a lot of bullshit in there, "This battery bank will enable you to cruise between 5 to 10 hours at 4-5km/h giving you a cruising range of up to 40km. The 50% discharged batteries, can be fully charged within 4 hours." There is no obvious mention of the actual battery capacity but in order to get that range it must be absolutely enormous! and still rechargeable from 50% in four hours....I don't think so. He also claims that the solar panels are charging the battery whilst cruising, this is impossible unless the panels are producing more current than the motor requires, this would make the range infinite. The idea of putting the solar panels on the cabin side to take advantage of light reflected from the water seems very clever, but can it really have been thought up by the same man who says "Equally a removable reflective solar sail made of aluminium chequered plate, or sections of acrylic mirror can be mounted on the roof increasing the efficiency of you roof panels tremendously." does the guy actually have any idea what a solar sail is?
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