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  1. It would seem you’re not alone, a blogger had similar challenges last week apparently!
  2. Thanks all for the advice, I’ll see out the latest sub and then take WW for 12 weeks and see what I think 👍
  3. Morning everyone, I received a ‘Canal Boat’ magazine subscription as a gift a little while ago and have recently renewed, I’m thinking of taking Waterways World as well but would love to know which publication people think is the best & why? 👍
  4. I was a big fan of Tim & Pru’s GCJ’s and genuinely thought the new version would be like opening a present at Christmas and it not being what you expected despite the apparent shape suggesting otherwise. well I gave it a go and have to say I throughly enjoyed it! The pair of them are wonderful and Shelia especially. Great new series which I look forward to evolving.
  5. I think a guy called Fergus might own it, he sings the blues don’t you know....
  6. Morning everyone, due to the Hack lock closure on the Shropshire Union Im now planning a leisurely week down the S & W from Autherly next week. I think I’ve read I need a special key/windlas for a couple of the locks, is this correct? Will the hire company provide or do I need to purchase separately? Many thanks
  7. “Hello everybody, and welcome to our vlog, you join us on a.....”
  8. I plan to buy a boat sometime in the future, we are all different in the way we emotionally handle a purchase, however if I was in your position I’d start looking at boats in 11 months and 28 days 😀
  9. Let’s hope the spud who allegedly bumped the OP has a large chip on his boat....
  10. He knows that, he’s being scarcastic!
  11. Brilliant a lower deck lawyer too, in my humble opinion of course
  12. “It can be difficult and frustrating to get stuck behind a boat doing 1 mph past moored boats etc when ones own boat does 2 mph at idle.” So frustrating that one rams the slow boat maybe, anyway sir I’d suggest you take a chill pill. You wouldn’t suggest I’m stupid to my face so why do it it behind the keyboard, are you a naughty warrior by chance😂
  13. Oh I see, so you don’t slow to tick over if there are only a “few” moored boats then, thank you for clearing that up @nicknorman 👍
  14. Nicely put , however as an experienced hirer I’d suggest the OP is dammed if does and dammed If he doesn’t. He’s probably had a week of moored boaters sticking their heads out of hatches telling the naughty hirer to slow down so when he does he’s being pressed to speed up!
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