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  1. Morning everyone, due to the Hack lock closure on the Shropshire Union Im now planning a leisurely week down the S & W from Autherly next week. I think I’ve read I need a special key/windlas for a couple of the locks, is this correct? Will the hire company provide or do I need to purchase separately? Many thanks
  2. “Hello everybody, and welcome to our vlog, you join us on a.....”
  3. I plan to buy a boat sometime in the future, we are all different in the way we emotionally handle a purchase, however if I was in your position I’d start looking at boats in 11 months and 28 days 😀
  4. Let’s hope the spud who allegedly bumped the OP has a large chip on his boat....
  5. He knows that, he’s being scarcastic!
  6. Brilliant a lower deck lawyer too, in my humble opinion of course
  7. “It can be difficult and frustrating to get stuck behind a boat doing 1 mph past moored boats etc when ones own boat does 2 mph at idle.” So frustrating that one rams the slow boat maybe, anyway sir I’d suggest you take a chill pill. You wouldn’t suggest I’m stupid to my face so why do it it behind the keyboard, are you a naughty warrior by chance😂
  8. Oh I see, so you don’t slow to tick over if there are only a “few” moored boats then, thank you for clearing that up @nicknorman 👍
  9. Nicely put , however as an experienced hirer I’d suggest the OP is dammed if does and dammed If he doesn’t. He’s probably had a week of moored boaters sticking their heads out of hatches telling the naughty hirer to slow down so when he does he’s being pressed to speed up!
  10. I hired from Clifton a couple of years ago with teens so for the Fri- Monday I’d suggest Fri as far as Ansty and moor Sat As far as Hinckley and moor Sunday head back Mon head south towards Stoke B and return
  11. Apologies for offending you and others, that will be the last time I use that expletive, so back on piste can you give us a clue as to where this chap is please?
  12. I wonder if the current lack of rainfall will also cause problems in the Summer with low water levels?
  13. Ahh, so an early Santa Cruise then....
  14. Further update, my booking was put on hold and I have now rescheduled for last week in October. An Autumn cruise to look forward to, I’m assuming @mrsmelly will be along soon to tell me the hire company will have gone to the wall by then!
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