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  1. That’s good to know, thanks; I haven’t looked into the fridge situation much yet. Seriously considering swapping for something much smaller, I have little use for a family-size monstrosity.
  2. Thanks for the concern everyone! In the couple of months I’ve been aboard so far (it’s not a widebeam by the way, I’m not sure where that idea came from) I’ve been on the move a lot so the alternator alone has been more than sufficient; obviously this’ll change when things get more sedate and as has rightly been pointed out the best way for me to figure this out is to see what happens and make appropriate adjustments. I’m not a heavy user of electricity, mostly just a few lights and sometimes the fridge if there’s something in it to keep cool and I have the stove going. A television and occasional use of the washing machine, plus charging phone batteries, would all be nice but I have options ashore for sorting those problems. I can certainly adjust my use to fit the availability, and if it turns out to be necessary, there’s options to explore like more panels, more batteries, a generator, even a wind turbine (although I gather that might be a waste of time). The 2000W Sunshine inverter that draws about an Amp on standby is far more than I’d need; if what I’ve read on the topic is right, higher Wattage inverters draw more power on standby, and by my very rough estimates I’m thinking a 500W inverter would do me fine. Regarding battery monitoring, I have a solar controller (EPever Tracer 30A MPPT) awaiting installation that I believe will provide the numbers to make calculations upon; finances being what they are I’m assembling the solar system bit by bit, intending to get the first panel in a few weeks, and maybe another the following month. Apologies for not being clear; what I was getting at was whether running equivalent appliances built natively for 12V or 240V (via inverter) would differ significantly in the amount they drain the battery bank. Thanks again everyone!
  3. That’s great info, thank you all very much! There’s a great deal currently on one of the Sunshine inverters at about the right power level for me, too. This has saved me a lot of hassle and compromise.
  4. Sterling as well! Pro Combi S 2100W continuous, 6000W peak. It has a function whereby it’s supposed to go on standby when there isn’t demand on it, but that hasn’t impressed yet (maybe electric toothbrush charger is beneath its dignity, and the fridge might have already been cold). Further experiments I reckon.
  5. Hello folks, My new home was previously a floating apartment on permanent shore power, so it has a nice inverter and a decent number of 230V sockets, and basically just lights and pumps on 12V. For continuous cruising, I’d been planning to install a load of 12V sockets and get a 12V television and maybe switch to a 12V fridge, but I’m wondering if that’s worth the medium amount of effort it’d take, or if using the alternator day-to-day isn’t much less efficient, as long as I verify I’m not going to be overloading it. 2100W inverter 540 amps of leisure batteries I’m going to stick about 400W of solar up top Thanks!
  6. My Friday the 13th on the cut involved a dog developing diarrhoea, one crewmate’s stepson getting mugged (remotely from the boat), and another crewmate breaking his ankle tripping over a mooring line so the day ended in A&E. I’m reminded of a tale from long ago about a rural aged Irishwoman asked if she believed in faeries: “Ahh no. But they’re there.”
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