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  1. Hi All, After checking this morning the tap is now running the full pressure and the pump stops when the tap is turned off. So it’s looking like the issue is solved for now. Thanks Allan again for your help and thanks everyone else for the tips. You’ve saved me lots of money and now I feel confident I have the skills to fix the pump should the issue happen again. thanks, Mel
  2. Thanks for your help Allan. I have tried both the bike pump and the wire method which has got the tap up and running, where it wasn’t before (although the pressure is a bit lower than usual). However the the pump is still making a noise even when the tap isn’t running. Suggesting some but not all of the blockage has been dislodged. It should certainly keep me going for a while. I will try both methods again tomorrow to see if I can get the rest of the blockage. Good idea. I’ll give that a go tomorrow. Thanks
  3. It’s all good. That’s the beauty of forums. Anyone can be anyone ?
  4. I just tried and it seemed to work. Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. Hi All, Thank you so much for all of your replies. Sorry I’ve been quiet today. I’ve been a bit manic trying to get the issue resolved. I cleaned out the filter as suggested and that unfortunately didn’t solve the issue (but thanks for the tip I’m glad I know how to do that now if there’s ever an issue with that in the future). I then disconnected each part of the piping and then turned the pump on...no water! Suggesting that the blockage is coming from the tank it’s self. After speaking to an engineer on the phone they confirmed my suspicions that it’s a blockage either due to some debris in the tank or a rusty pipe but suggested that the only way to resolve it would be to get the tank drained at a boat yard I.e that it couldn’t be resolved with a call-out. I’m trying to book in with Bossoms just outside of Oxford over the next couple of days (I’ve also got some other issues I need looking at so might as well get it all done at once). @Keeping Upthank you so much for your kind offer of help sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I will message you privately. regards, Mel
  6. Hi, Fairly new boater here and at a bit of a loss. Our water stopped running yesterday halfway through filling the sink. The water pump carried on making a noise like it was trying to push water through but nothing was coming. It even continues making a noice once the tap was turned off (which it doesn’t normally do). The water tank was full so I know we’re not out of water. I’m worried either that a)there’s an issue with the water pump or b) there’s air trapped in the pipes preventing water from getting through. Does anyone know of any checks/tests I can do to try and figure it out? Alternatively does anyone know of any engineers who would do an urgent call out to Thrupp? I’m completely without water till this gets fixed. Thanks, Mel
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